Spare Me Your Tears On Istanbul If You’re Silent On Saudi Genocide In Yemen

by Jonathan Azaziah

While the whole planet fake-cries and expresses fake-outrage over the (typically) blatantly conspicuous Mossad-MIT-Takfiri false flag attack in Istanbul, the genocide in Yemen continued unabated as the perpetrators of the Ramadan Massacre struck Ta’iz, only this time it wasn’t Daesh that did the killing but its Saudi overlords. Warplanes of the Wahhabi tyrants dropped bombs on Yemenis buying petrol at a station on the Hayfan Intersection, slaughtering at least 40 civilians, including many women and children, wounding dozens more and destroying vital energy supplies that Yemenis so desperately need as a result of the savage US-UK-Zionist-Saudi siege on their nation. No different than the Takfiri terrorist goons who lash out against innocents with suicide attacks and car bombs in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon after getting battered by Resistance Axis forces, the House of Saud carried out this ungodly massacre because its Emirati pals ran from the battlefield and left it to get trounced by those ever-heroic, ever-smiling moujahideen known as the Houthis. And this is exactly what has happened indeed over the last two weeks since the UAE’s cowardly, humiliating departure, with Ansarullah and its allies scoring massive victories and bringing the Saudi regime to the brink of a complete breakdown in Lahij, Ta’iz, Ma’rib, Sanaa, Jawf and beyond. Not ONE difference between Dönmeh Saudi Arabia and the Takfiri bacteria it spawned. Same ideology, same cowardice, same tactics, same filth.

So if you’re not going to open up your mouth about Yemen and the suffering of its people that is comparable only to Palestine in its brutal depth, spare me your bullshit “analysis” about Turkey. Because unlike Yemenis and their dauntless Mouqawamah who had this criminal war imposed upon them by Al-Saud at the behest of ‘Israel’ as well as the US and UK ZOGs, Erdogan and his Takfiri-sympathizing Turkish civilian supporters (either from the AKP or otherwise) bear THE BRUNT of responsibility for the carnage in Turkey’s most populous city yesterday evening. The Neo-Ottomans led by Recep the Psychopath have done everything in their power to SPREAD Takfirism, while Hizbullah, the Syrian Arab Army, the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Iraqi Popular Mobilization and of course Ansarullah have done everything in their power to DEAD Takfirism. And it is the men of the Yemeni Islamic Resistance whose fight may be the most important of all as it is they who are confronting the devilish fathers of Wahhabi-Takfirism directly. Thus, you ain’t gon’ find a single tear here for Istanbul. Sorry. No waterworks for Turkey while Syria burns, Iraq screams and Yemen bleeds profusely in a monstrous aggression backed fully by the Turkish regime. And if you find that offensive, I couldn’t give a damn, really. The abandonment of Yemen by the vast majority of “Muslims” and actually, all of humanity, is infinitely more offensive, disgraceful and disgusting than my deliberate lack of pleasantries.

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