“Silence On The Sheikh”, Final Single Off “Eternally Husseini”, Is Now Out!

by Jonathan “Madd Cold” Azaziah

On this day one year ago, the brutal Nigerian army unleashed complete and utter hell on the Husseiniyah Baqiyatullah in Zaria, home to Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky and the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN). Hundreds (possibly thousands) of Shi’a Muslims were murdered in the barbaric massacre, hundreds more were disappeared, at least 50 young women were kidnapped and the Sheikh himself, along with his wife, were thrown into prison on baseless charges. The American regime, the usurping Zionist entity and Saudi Arabia all had hands in the nightmarish crime. And to this very day, in spite of the Anti-Zionist, Anti-Imperialist identity of the IMN and the stature of Sheikh Zakzaky as Africa’s most formidable revolutionary and the world’s most prolific disseminator of the Deen on Earth–he’s brought between 5-10 million humans to Shi’a Islam in the last 37 years–“Palestine Solidarity Movement” activists and “The Ummah” at large have forgotten that ALLAH (SWT) gifted them with tongues.

To break this deafening and despicable quiet, I present to you “Silence On The Sheikh”, the final single off my upcoming album “Eternally Husseini”, entirely produced by beat-making genius Iron Galaxy. This joint is not only meant to raise awareness for Sheikh Zakzaky and the Zaria Massacre, but knock in speakers across the globe as an anthem for Islamic unity. I am joined on the track by Irish Shi’a Revert Yusuf Abdul-Mateen (who spits first), African-American Mouride Sufi-Sunni Rafiqi Green (who spits second and provides angelic vocals on the hook) and Afghani Ahmadi Khanverse (who spits third). Each one of these gentlemen, who I consider dear brothers and family, shine like the Imam Hussein (A.S.) shrine in Karbala during Arbaeen. They simply slay it. Because of all the talent involved in putting this piece together, and the beautiful unified stance it represents at a time when the enemies of Islam want us at each other’s throats, I consider this gem the most wonderful thing I’ve ever done in my 17 years on the microphone. I pray, sincerely, that y’all love this song as much as us and I also pray, sincerely, that it spreads to every corner of the Islamic world so the “Silence On The Sheikh” is finally broken. Let it knock!

“Silence On The Sheikh” lyrics

by Yusuf Abdul-Mateen (1st verse), Rafiqi Green (2nd verse); Khanverse (3rd verse) and Madd Cold (Jonathan Azaziah; 4th verse, bridge and hook)

Verse 1 (Yusuf Abdul-Mateen)

You spit serious raps for Syria and Iraq/But it’s sad, you couldn’t find Nigeria on a map/We’re never hearing the facts from the MSM/See CNBC, Fox or CNN/And I don’t see an end in sight of the Shi’ite plight/Mass graves, last days, it won’t be alright/Until we fight, study, and read the blueprint/of Sheikh Zakzaky and his peaceful movement/ Since the Revolution, done for the cause/Even sacrificed six of his sons for Allah/Shaheeds, who bleed on the African sands/They even try to kill his wife, the better half of a man/And if it happens again, no joke, it’s on/ ‘Cause the government’s no different than Boko Haram/I slow-flow the song ’cause the message is strong/The Prophet and his Family get the blessings upon/Come on…

HOOK (Madd Cold)
Look around the Ummah and there’s Silence On The Sheikh
Don’t nobody give a damn about the violence and the rapes
Martyrs of Zaria, we will riot in your name
And tell the whole world, you were piled in a grave
By the most deplorable, tyrant in the pay
of ‘Israel’ and America, the vile and astray
Al-Saud too, but we’re defying them today
We just refuse to be silent on the Sheikh
Beantown and Chitown are rhyming for the Sheikh
Essex and Bradford are vibing for the Sheikh
Tehran and Kashmir are skying for the Sheikh
and Brooknam’s bombs make the Zionists decay
Ireland ain’t gon’ be silent on the Sheikh
Mother Africa ain’t silent on the Sheikh
Afghanistan ain’t silent on the Sheikh
and my beloved Iraq, we will pry him from his chains

Verse 2 (Rafiqi Green)

I came to speak truth, no worries God got me/At the podium like Malcolm you shot me/Did the same to Gamal and Qadhafi/Now they doing it to Sheikh Zakzaky/And they seized the property/It’s probably no probable cause on the arrest/They killed his 3 sons, and massacred the rest/And yes the US had been known of this, they lie about it and continue supporting Zionists/And uhh, it’s crazy how the people believe media/Other Muslims don’t support him ’cause he’s Shi’a/But he pray all five, and ain’t take no lives, and sends peace on the Prophet (S.A.W.W.), what are we doing here?/We falling to distractions, divisions, and names of the factions within the religion/But we got the same enemy watching/I know they wanna Pac me/Screaming free Zakzaky from the block to Washington!/


Verse 3 (Khanverse)

The real believers will lead the people/These evil creatures face demeaning defeat at the feet of God’s army/We speak of Shaheed Abdul Lateef Afghani (R.A.)/The peaceful and serene, esteemed preacher of the Deen Ibrahim Zakzaky/ He needs to be freed immediately, ’cause we not stopping/Even if they keep on bombing/The whole globe screaming, “I need peace!”/Truck bombs and IEDs, P2OG’s charred bodies/I’m sorry for, what the Monsters did in Zaria/Not acknowledged ’cause they not Khazar enough/Like our scars and our martyrs will not count among the slaughtered who were lost do not warrant such?/You claiming Islam but you’re slaves and Ikhwani stooges/Y’all are useless/Following the vultures’ demonic, repugnant Cultural Marxist blueprints/You are not Prophet Muhammad’s (S.A.W.W.) students/You say you care/You CAIR 4 Queers, but when the Sheikh disappeared, we didn’t hear from you, you were everywhere but there/We spitting ’till this innocent prisoner’s freed/Enflamed, in rage, ’cause he speaks on the criminal Heebs/ Betrayed this saintly sage, Silence on the Sheikh/Tyrants will be slain, their viruses erased/Wipe the slate clean from the demons that divide us/Regal eagle in the sky, with dreams to serve higher/True Love’s Mouqawamah, Sunni, Shia and Ahmadiyya survivors/Weak liars see feats that we inspire/Abdul-Mateen, Rafiqi Green, KV and Ziah


Verse 4 (Madd Cold)

Where are the Ummah and the activists for human rights?/Where is the Palestine Solidarity Movement? Too busy cackling and yapping with some Jewish types/Y’all will lash out at anyone anywhere who says anything “offensive” against some evil Yids/But when it comes to standing up for this man, who’s made millions of Africans aware, of every sick horror that the Falasteeni people live/Y’all feeble squids are nowhere to be found like the crown of a king overthrown in a coup/So we wanna know what kinda dough is flowing to you/Nevermind it’s so obvious even to the blind the Saudis got you confined so I won’t try to reach you pigs/Zakzaky’s a champion, you’re a disgrace/Zakzaky is the purest of saints/Only reason that I’m calling the names out of you morbid ingrates now is ‘cause I won’t let you deny the Nour on his face/Brethren, these hypocrites make me ill/You would think that spitting this makes me chill/But I swear on the Martyrs of Zaria that kicking this makes me feel/Furious, and I’m so serious I’m set to explode/If the Sheikh didn’t love Palestine so much they would’ve left him alone/If he never stood up for Yemen and Bahrain, they never would have brought hell to the steps of his home/wrecked and bulldozed the Huseiniyyah Baqiyatullah, his precious abode/If he ain’t defend Hizbullah, Syria and Iran, they wouldn’t have fired their weapons on him like a maleficent foe/If he never exposed Boko Haram, as a fraud of the Mossad then they wouldn’t have arrested and thrown/him and his wife into prison and put bullets in his sons, taking away their breaths and their souls/US and ‘Israel’ trained these goons, can’t you smell the habitual stink?/Ain’t nothing at all to riddle or think/Not about no “terror” but the oil and the gas and the soil and the grass and the tin and the zinc/Zakzaky was a target ‘cause he brought the diabolical Zionist project on the African continent to the literal brink/

BRIDGE (Madd Cold)
Death to the Buhari regime
Free Zakzaky, Free Zakzaky
Death to the Buhari regime
Free Zakzaky, Free Zakzaky
Death to the Buhari regime
Free Zakzaky, Free Zakzaky
Death to the Buhari regime
Free Zakzaky, Free Zakzaky
Death to the Buhari regime
Free Zakzaky, Free Zakzaky
We just refuse, we just refuse
We just refuse to be silent on the Sheikh!


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