Sigal Pearl Mandelker: The Iranophobic ‘Israeli’ Criminal Responsible For Marzieh Hashemi’s Solitary Confinement

by Jonathan Azaziah

The oppression of Marzieh Hashemi by America, not the Shining City On A Hill like Iranophobic war criminal Ronald Reagan famously called it but the Shaytanic Pile of Swill, has taken on an even more deplorable dimension. Press TV is reporting that its top-notch anchor, illegally detained by the FBI and imprisoned without charge for over a week now, has been tossed in solitary confinement. Anyone who has been subjected to Fed brutality before or has a working understanding of just what exactly this sort of “custody” entails… Knows well… DAMN well… That these measures are utilized to break the spirit of a person; to shatter their dignity; to poke and prod them into submitting to whatever their jailers have on the table. Based on all available information, Marzieh remains steadfast and fully committed to keeping up her defiance until she is released. May ALLAH (SWT) bless and protect her.

Also, with Reuters confirming that Hashemi was indeed nicked by the Zio-Feds over a fake FARA violation, that all but officially solidifies (and at least, gives MAJOR credence to) Mouqawamah Music’s analysis that it is not Bolton or Pompeo but the Treasury Department’s Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, Sigal Pearl Mandelker, who is running point on the entire operation. And with the likes of this Iranophobic ‘Israeli’ criminal at the helm, that by itself fully explains why our Righteous and Resistant Sister is being brutalized in such a manner.

According to the usurping Jewish entity’s “Globes”, Mandelker is the “forefront” of the US-Zionist economic war on Iran and she has stated proudly that she is pursuing all avenues available to her to hurt the Islamic Republic financially, especially where it relates to “terrorism” (read: principled Mouqawamah against Zio-Imperialism). She’s not only doing it within the US regime itself but forging links outside of it with the likes of the FDD, the notorious Iranophobic think tank founded by rabid neocon Mark Rubowitz, who is also more than likely part of the secretive ‘Israeli’ intelligence program known as Talpiot.

Mandelker has admitted that the “people power” protests in Iran last summer are a result of the newly instituted sanctions that her office has constructed and spurred. She’s also recruited the Iranophobic Khaleeji dictatorships of Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Kuwait for this savage destabilization campaign, lauding the “excellent partnership” with the Emirati despots in particular. So considering Marzieh Hashemi is an Iranian citizen with an Iranian husband as well as half-Iranian children, and FARA violations are in the Treasury Department’s jurisdiction, the geopolitical arithmetic here is simpler than 1+1=2. The American ZOG’s methodology in dealing with Hashemi mirrors that of the usurping Zionist entity’s barbarity towards Palestinian hunger strikers because a land-thief from the usurping Zionist entity is controlling this circus. Indeed, as recently as Spring ’17, when over 1,100 Falasteeni heroes refused to take a knee before their “chosenite” occupiers, they were tossed in solitary confinement. Now the Feds are committing an identical atrocity against Marzieh Hashemi because the ‘Israeli’ Jewess Mandelker, their boss, has ordered them to do so.

We have deliberately repeated the word “Iranophobic” prior to getting here because Marzieh Hashemi has undoubtedly been targeted due to her familial and professional bond with the Islamic Revolution. Her deep-rooted, principled ideological adherence to its Anti-Zionist, Anti-Imperialist project too. Washington and “Tel Aviv” fear Iran because it has presented a model to the whole of the Global South, not merely Muslim nations, on how to fight the Empire, beat the Empire and forge alliances with those ready, willing and able to do the same (Hizbullah and Syria come to mind off rip). Iran is the true beacon; the real shining city on a hill. Beyond that though, the Monsters fear and hate Iran because it inspires people on an individual level, especially those from the world’s most oppressed communities, to snap out of their Capitalist-Hollywoodist-induced stupor and do something that will benefit their own people and ultimately, all of humanity.

Marzieh Hashemi’s imprisonment isn’t convincing these very people to reject their organic awakenings and stay seated for the sake of a life unharmed. It’s convincing them to move forward with JUMPING out of their slumber to stand up and speak out regardless of the consequences. Because there is no higher ideal to battle for, face jailing over and if we must, die for, than truth. None. And because if it can happen to her, it can and will happen to any of us — in fact, it’s happened to some of us already — who have the heart and the guts to say “NO!” to the lies of the Imperium. Most especially when we do so with the fire lit inside of us by Imam Khomeini (R.A.) and his successor, Imam Khamenei. It is the love of the Islamic Revolution and the intrinsic need to safeguard it that separates the true defenders of human rights from the fakes on the payroll of billionaire Zionists like George Soros–fakes, mind you, who won’t say a word about Marzieh Hashemi. 

Lest we forget our Islamic history. Nabi Moussa (A.S.) challenged the Pharoah (L.A.) Jesus Christ the Messiah (A.S.) whipped the Pharisees (L.A.) out of the temple. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) overthrew the Jewish-Pagan alliance (L.A.) that ruled over Arabia. Imam Ali (A.S.) and Imam Hassan (A.S.) defied Mouawiyah (L.A.) Imam Hussein (A.S.) and Lady Zaynab al-Kubra (A.S.) faced down Yazid (L.A.) Imam Reza (A.S.) never wavered in his duel with Al-Ma’moun (L.A.) Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Reza Sa’idi (R.A.) and Dr. Ali Shariati (R.A.) went toe-to-toe with the Shah (L.A.) Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr (R.A.) and his sister Sayyeda Amina bint al-Huda (R.A.) showed no fear as they confronted Saddam Hussein (L.A.) Sheikh Ragheb Harb (R.A.), Sayyed Abbas Moussawi (R.A.) and Hajj Imad Mughnieyh (R.A.) dauntlessly fought ‘Israel’. And Marzieh Hashemi, the Nawlins Nebula, is stronger than solid stone before the amalgamation of all these evils, America, today.

Case in point, you ask? Sigal Pearl Mandelker and all her Zionist apparatuses can sit high upon perches like the vultures they are. The soldiers of the Muhammadi-Husseini-Zaynabi nation will not lower our voices even a fraction of a fraction of an octave until the injustice against Marzieh Hashemi ends and she is liberated. And Palestine too for that matter. Silence is a word kicked out of our lexicon like Mandelker’s ‘Israeli’ brethren will soon be kicked out of our region. #FreeMarziehHashemi #FreeMarziehNow #DeathToIsrael #DeathToAmerica #DeathToTheFBI #DeathToZioImperialism #ToHellWithMandelker

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    1. Look it up: Since about 2005, the US Treasury set up its Terrorist Financing Unit with a Zionist in charge –Leavey or Levitt? — and Zios (Cohen was one…) have run it ever since. One will come in, do damage to any country or individual opposing the Zioentity, then rotate back to his Ziothink tank to scheme more Zioplots. It’s a veritable revolving door…America has been had by the evil seed Zionism.

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