Seymour Hersh Is A Zionist Subversive And Shilling For ‘Israel’ Is What He Does Best

by Jonathan Azaziah

Seymour Hersh is a sneaky, sneaky Zionist subversive. During the early stages of the hegemonic powers’ criminal invasion of Iraq when the Abu Ghraib scandal arose, Hersh wrote a couple of critically-acclaimed pieces in the New Yorker–a Zionist rag if there ever was one–supposedly “documenting” how all the torture was the fault of two men, the war criminals Donald Rumsfeld and Stephen Cambone. What Hersh deliberately failed to mention however, firstly, was that Rumsfeld himself was nothing but the mere front man for Cerberus Global Investments, an immensely powerful holdings firm run by the Jewish supremacist billionaires Michael Steinhardt and Stephen Feinberg, and Cambone was just the literal underling of ultra-Zionist Douglas Feith. And secondly, Hersh COMPLETELY left off the fact that the barbaric, utterly satanic torture tactics used on Iraqis in that hellhole were in fact ‘Israeli’, taught to the American occupation military by IOF, Shin Bet, Mossad and Aman “experts” (read: torturers of Lebanese and Palestinians) brought in by the Jewish neocons Paul Wolfowitz, the aforementioned Feith, Richard “Prince of Darkness” Perle, William Schneider, Abram Shulsky (who ran the OSP) and others.

Hersh was absolutely destroyed for this abominable cover-up by the ever-brilliant, always-militant Professor James Petras in the fourth chapter (entitled Exposing the Exposé: Seymour Hersh and the Missing Zionist ‘Israeli’ Connection) of his must-read book “The Power of ‘Israel’ in the United States”. And more destruction is necessary, because Hersh has never, EVER covered the abyssal Jewish-Zionist-‘Israeli’ role in the butchering and attempted dismemberment of Iraq, from the economic warfare carried out by Maurice Greenberg-owned Marsh & McLennan Companies/AIG shabbos goy Paul Bremer and his Judaic handlers Dan Senor and Michael Fleischer, to the 100 some odd Mossad-linked firms gobbling up Arab-Islamic lands in Iraq’s Kurdish-controlled northern regions (his “Plan B” piece simply dealt with ‘Israeli’ training of Kurdish commandos, a known fact reported by numerous US and British outlets), to the greatest and least-discussed crime of the entire war on Iraq, the Preemptive Operations Group (P2OG), an agency created by the Zionist-run Defense Science Board to literally unleash ethno-communal false flag terrorism across Iraqi society, and even more. Hersh, in clear protection of his coreligionists, spoke of none of these matters even though they were all well within his sphere of research and investigation. Petras summed it up fiercely and beautifully, “Hersh attempted to head off the anti-Zionist headhunting coalition by focusing on the two Goyim.”

In April 2014, several months after the chemical weapons false flag attack in Eastern Ghouta, Hersh wrote a massive article called “The Red Line and The Rat Line” for the London Review of Books laying all the blame for the atrocity on the Neo-Ottoman madmen in Ankara. He did not mention the Zionist entity ONCE! NOT EVEN ONCE! And this is despite the fact that it was reported immediately after the chems were fired by several mainstream outlets that it was in fact the ‘Israeli’ entity which provided the intelligence to the Obama regime about “Assad forces” being the guilty party right off the rip. AIPAC subsequently led the charge for a “regime change” war, openly declaring that Washington needed to act as a means of sending a strong message to Hizbullah and Iran, the usurping Jewish entity’s greatest adversaries.

Did Turkey play an operational role in the event? Undoubtedly. But if Hersh was being honest, he would’ve written about the Jewish-Zionist ‘Clean Break’ document, which discussed ‘Israel’ working with the Turkish regime (and Jordan) to “roll back” Syria. Also, if Hersh was being genuine, he would’ve written about the historical precedent of ‘Israel’ lying to America to trigger and/or expand wars for Zionist interests, i.e. Operation Susannah (the Lavon Affair), the USS Liberty attack, the Sabra and Shatilah massacre, Operation Trojan (which led to the bombing of Libya in April ‘86) and yes, the mother and father of them all, 9/11 and Iraq’s WMDs. But Hersh, his (borderline euphorically hysterical) praise in the alternative press aside, isn’t a person of truthfulness but seditiousness who goes out of his way to deflect attention off the Zionist enemy. Indeed, a December 2015 piece of Hersh’s entitled “Military To Military” laughably asserts that ‘Israel’ is indirectly providing the Syrian Arab Army with intelligence to kill Takfiri terrorists, the very same Takfiri terrorists that ‘Israel’ is backing on all levels to… well… you know… fight the Syrian Arab Army and overthrow Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad! Ridiculous isn’t even the word. The propaganda services Hersh provides for the artificial Jewish entity are seemingly boundless!

And now, as if the egregious obfuscations on Iraq and Syria weren’t bad enough, in the wake of the ongoing Western-Zionist media hasbara tsunami about Al-Saud’s role in 9/11, Hersh, ever the opportunist, jumps on the bandwagon in an interview with Alternet to spin a tremendously Talmudic yarn about the Wahhabi despots in Riyadh bribing Pakistan not to tell America where Bin Laden was… when the reality is… Bin Laden died 15 damn years ago in late December 2001 and it was reported by Pakistani, Egyptian, Iranian and even American media (Fox News)! The shitshow that Obama put on in May 2011, complete with the utterly farcical “proper Islamic burial” at sea, was just that, a shitshow, scraped out of the bowels of Zionist Hollywood to give the American ZOG a “win” in its continuing illegal intervention in the Arab-Islamic world. Here’s the grand slam though. Later on in the interview, Hersh remarkably declares, “My guess is, we don’t know anything really about 9/11. We just don’t know. We don’t know what role was played by whom.” No, Mr. Hersh. You’re wrong. Dead wrong. We know EXACTLY who carried out the heinous, ritualistic massacre on September 11th, 2001: ‘ISRAEL’, through an intricate criminal network of Zionist agents, regardless of counter-culture “Jewish savior” types like you refusing to touch the subject and doing all you can to avoid it like the plague.

Is the pattern of protecting Zionism not blatantly clear here? And keeping up with this pattern, I recall Seymour Hersh famously saying that the assassination of the 35th American President, John F. Kennedy, was a form of justice. At the time, Hersh cited JFK’s cruel, imperialistic policies towards Cuba as the reason behind his shocking comment. But considering all of the above, maybe, just maybe, it wasn’t the crimes against the revolutionary government in Havana that motivated Hersh’s point of view at all but rather JFK’s quiet war with David Ben-Gurion over the Zionist entity’s monstrously dangerous, utterly felonious nuclear program. This quiet war ultimately led to JFK’s killing at the hands of Mossad, a revelation that is documented in full by the late, great Michael Collins Piper in his masterpiece work “Final Judgment”. Hersh, in passing, touched on the conflict between Kennedy and Ben-Gurion in his own book, “The Samson Option”, but failed to push the envelope on just how bitter, explosive and devastating this spat was. Nor would he ever dare go to the lengths Piper went to. And it’s not because he can’t, but because he won’t due to his closeted attachment to the usurping Jewish entity.

In the final analysis, it is imperative to note that Zionist subversives like Hersh are the ones who do the most damage to our cause and our discourse. Even Hersh’s widely quoted piece “The Redirection”, which speaks of US-Saudi-‘Israeli’ backing of Takfiris to break the Resistance Axis, renders the ‘Israelis’ to a background role, basically just one more cog in the ‘imperial’ machine, when the training of gangster-like proxies and fueling ethno-communal terror to balkanize our region is Zionist in origin going back to Oded Yinon’s 1982 plan on paper and the relationship with the Kurdish Barzani family since the 1950s in praxis. Besides, why do we need an Ashkenazi Jew to tell us what Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei and leaders of the Iraqi Mouqawamah had been telling us for months and years prior to the release of Hersh’s piece?

Such persons infiltrate our ranks directly in the role of “activists” or indirectly by becoming hero-worshiped as “investigative journalists” and may drop a nugget here or a nugget there from time to time as a way of gaining our trust and getting us to hang on their every word. But when it comes down to what really matters, i.e. exposing ‘Israel’ as the hegemon which wants to crush all forms of Resistance and which is behind every single drop of chaos from the Nile to Euphrates and beyond, not to mention its global machinations and intrigues as well, these interlopers don’t just run away but attempt to convince us we’re being delusional, off-base, unread or “anti-Semitic”. Seymour Hersh is a sneaky, sneaky Zionist subversive and shilling for ‘Israel’ on the issues of Syria, Iraq, 9/11 and the JFK murder is what he does best. Time to stop treating him like our friend and our ally… ‘Cause he damn sure ain’t.

16 thoughts on “Seymour Hersh Is A Zionist Subversive And Shilling For ‘Israel’ Is What He Does Best”

  1. Incredible summary of Hersh and “our best friends in the Middle East”….these people like Alex “the judas goat” Jones are the ones that are destroying our beautiful country. Now, you can add Pope Bergoglio to that list, as he is without doubt carrying H20 for the Zionist evil ones. Wake up America!

    1. Hersh is the high end gatekeeper along w/ his more pleb counterparts like Amy Goodman, Phyllis Bennis, Naomi Klein and a veritable army of zio-fraud “opposition”.
      His upholding of the NWO./ RIIA narrative on OBL’s death in 2011- a decade after it happened, is more proof of what he is.
      But more personally, Hersh is an insideous player in other ways too. In keeping w/ the long zionist tradition of stealing others’ work and putting his name on it (Einstein, anyone???), Hersh lifted the My Lai coverage that broke his career into the stratosphere- from a Vietnam Vet who had been trying to get his expose told. In Abu Ghraib? Another reprise. A small little NGO called Xtian Peacemaker Teams had been on the ground nonstop in Iraq since 2002- eating the DU dust, taking the bombs during 03 invasion, interviewing inmates- ALL the hard work that later won plagiarist Hersh the Pulitzer Prize and his bestseller millions. Zip for the real authors. Hersh was confronted about this in a public forum in NYC (Cooper Union) event. To his credit? He did later do a profile on Cliff Kindi one of the real reporter/rights workers who discovered and tenaciously dogged the story into America’s conscience. (Others in his group had even been kidnapped/muredered over there for their efforts- including Tom Wolf who was abducted, found later brutally killed and dumped on a roadside gutter refuse pile).
      The MSM who arrive after all the work has been done for them- who then skim the cream off the top for the cash, renown and prizes- should be shunned and kicked to the curb for the ideological opportunists they are.
      The REAL media is right where we’re sitting. With websites like this who get the TRUTH FIRST and before it becomes profitable and bankable

  2. A most marvelous and revealing expose of how the jew disinformation pogrom works. I, too, have been distracted by the writings of Hersh, not knowing enough behind the scenes facts to properly interpret his disinformation articles. Thank you, very much, for this article. This is one I certainly needed to read. The jew is becoming more and more revealed, regardless of the cunning efforts to cover their tracks. It is time, once again, to throw the jew moneychangers out of the temple of God, which is who we are. Every serious nation in history has had to do the same, and now it is our turn before they relegate us all to the slave farm in service to their central banking pogroms.

    1. Hersh said Clinton was behind it, but you know I could not trust a word he says about anything. He’s a dyed in the wool liar and Zionist traitor to the USA. World winning journalist indeed.

    2. Again, Hersh blames the Gentile (at least an ostensible one, as Clinton claims Jewish roots) but totally leaves off ‘Israel’. This is his modus operandi. It’s been reported by the Western-Zionist mainstream press that the usurping Judaic cancer in Palestine is the party responsible for initiating the “Assad did it” narrative, so why isn’t Hersh digging deeper into it? Especially considering the rebels in the Damascus countryside are backed up by Mossad and IOF on all levels. Because he’s a subverter and a disinformationist. That’s why.

  3. Alex Jones is a Christian ….EXCELLENT
    Alex Jones is a Zionist Christian ….DISASTROUS
    If he realizes his CZ theology is all fck up……He would be great!

  4. Hersh exposes just enough to redirect attention from the Jewish magicians in order for them to perform their deceptions. James Prof. James Petras exposes the Zionist agenda much more than Hersh.

  5. Superb article. The Jewish lies are like onions. You catch them trying to peddle one, they peel off one layer. Underneath another variant of the Jewish lie and so on. JFK’s assassination was the nasty deed of the Soviets. When that onion layer got shredded by implausible internal contradictions, off it comes and we get the Cubans, then the Cubans and Mafia, then the Cubans, Mafia and “rogue elements of the CIA.”
    Hersch is a master onion peeler.
    9/11 was the evil genius work of “mastermind” Bin Laden. Now we get the onion layer of the “redacted pages”… ooooh, it’s the Saudi layer. Vassals, operatives, executants are peeled off as needed in he process of elevating them to the role of string pullers.
    The onion has no center because the truth== the judeozionist leading role– cannot reside inside a lie.

      1. I feel you fam, but for the record, we don’t want any of these Yahoudlings making “aliyah” to the entity. We want the entity gone! Let them make “aliyah” to Birobidzhan!

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