Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah Is The Perfect Embodiment Of Imam Hussein’s (A.S.) Essence

by Jonathan Azaziah

This smile? This smile is worth more than every element and currency on Earth amalgamated. In fact, this smile is of such a transcendent value that when it is flashed, all of the gold, silver, platinum and gemstones in the whole of the planet are melted into heaps of molten scrap and rendered to the nothingness, for they simply cannot compare. This fist? This fist contains more might than all of the weapons of all of the tyrants in all of our region; more might than the cancerous tumor that putrefied Al-Quds and claims to have Earth’s 4th most powerful army; more might than the 1,000-base empire that claims the world needs its “exceptionalism” despite the fact that the only “exceptional” thing it has brought the world is exceptional amounts of suffering and ruin. This fist and this smile are everything. And Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, is, indeed, everything. For he is the perfect embodiment of Imam Hussein’s (A.S.) essence.

The Hizbullah Secretary-General doesn’t merely speak like the Imam, walk like the Imam, wave his finger like the Imam, look like the Imam, emit the same righteous, Muhammadi energy as the Imam, fill our hearts with hope like the Imam, nourish our souls with wisdom like the Imam and possess the very same blood as the Imam, but he is leading us to victory like the Imam and following the path laid down brick by blood-soaked brick on Ashoura. If you’re not watching Nasrallah’s religious lectures–or reading the transcripts–for Muharram, you’re doing your spirit a great disservice. If you’re a believer, then your faith will be reaffirmed, deepened and heightened by the wealth of knowledge that expands from Sayyed Abou Hadi like the formations of universes yet discovered. If you’re of no particular religious persuasion, then the liberator of Lebanon will make you check your lack of faith and give you a reason to believe.

Ayatollah Sayyed Ruhollah Khomeini (R.A.), the ideological grandfather of Hizbullah, famously said, “Keep Karbala alive. Keep the blessed name of Imam Hussein (A.S.) alive because doing so means you are keeping Islam alive.” Nasrallah is doing just that. He has said many times through the years that Karbala is the bedrock of Hizbullah’s Islamic Liberationist identity. And with every word of truth he bellows and every breath he takes, he is reminding the enemies of Islam and our region that Imam Hussein’s (A.S.) body may have been mutilated by the forces of drunkard despot Yazid (L.A.), but the sacrifice the Imam made at Karbala and the defiant stand he solidified in battle kept his flawless spirit of gallantry alive and well, especially in the moujahideen of Hizbullah, whether it is their triumphant confrontation with ‘Israel’ or the Takfiris. The Imam saved the Deen in the face of tyranny and the Sayyed is now continuing the legacy of his sanctified ancestor. In every generation, the Hussein vs. Yazid and Shimr (the demonic creature who murdered the Imam) dichotomy is reestablished on both the spiritual and geopolitical stages. Yazid and Shimr are clearly represented today by World Zionism. But let history show that we are not alone in our struggle against these Dajjalic beasts. Nay, we have a strong, steady, sublime hand steering us. By the grace of ALLAH (SWT), we have our guide, our pride, our starlight, our comfort, our warmth and our champion! We have our Hussein! And his blessed name is Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah. #LongLiveHizbullah #LabaykahYaNasrallah #LabaykahYaHussein #Ashoura #Muharram

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