Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah: Comet Of Mouqawamah

by Jonathan “Madd Cold” Azaziah

Sun don’t shine like you shine, nor does the moon
Nor do the stars, you’re just so awesome and smooth
Every time we see you, our raw love for ya just soars up like hordes of balloons
It must be that smile, so incandescent!
More innocent than a child, it’s in your essence!
So gorgeous and cool
You’re attacked from all sides by all sorts of buffoons
But none of ‘em can touch you with their sedition and darkness
You’re Resistance incarnate
And they’re all just boors, thugs and goons
Your Party is ALLAH’s
And these agents of the Satan are shoddy with their barbs
Challenging you will get enemies smashed into sawdust granules
A warrior second to none, we’re in awe watching your verbal sword crush the tools
Ya Nasrallah! More outta this world than phenomenal Andromeda
Ya Abou Hadi! Comet of Mouqawamah!
It’s beyond the realm of an honor to hear your words roar, rush and zoom
Our Sayyed! Inspiration galore, your fire and Nour just consume
Sacrifice our lives for you, we’ll happily take every gore, cut and wound
‘Cause you mean everything to us, the living, breathing embodiment of Pure, Just and True

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