Saudi Regime Troops Assault Awamiya: Four Martyrs, Twenty Injured

The Saudi regime troops stormed on Saturday the town of Awamiya, eastern country, killing four civilians, injuring 20 and detaining 4 others.

The photos of the martyrs were circulated via the social networks which also showed how the regime troops besieged the town in the early morning before they employed helicopters and armored vehicle to storm it.

Loud explosions were heard in the region as a result of the regime operation which lasted for 7 hours, according to media reports.

It is worth noting that one of the detainees was the child Hasan Thifa, 12, who also lost his family house after the regime troops destroyed it.

The pro-regime website,, claimed that the Saudi troops stormed Awamiya in order to detain the murderers of the soldier Abdol Aziz al-Asiri and that one of the Saudi cops was injured during the operation.

Source: Al-Manar

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