Saudi Arabia Commits Mass Murder In Yemen On Ramadan, Slaughtering And Wounding Dozens At Saada’s Souk al-Mashnaq

by Jonathan Azaziah

What else is left to express when it comes to Saudi Arabia apart from immeasurable rage?

Thoughts and prayers are with Yemenis in the devastated city of Saada after the Dönmeh House of Saud bombed Souk al-Mashnaq–one of northern Yemen’s most popular markets–early this morning. At least 25 Yemeni civilians are dead from the criminal raid, among them women and children, and the number of wounded is yet to be determined because there are still innocents being pulled from the wreckage. Saada, the birthplace of Ansarullah and the hallowed ground of many of Yemen’s martyred defenders, including Sayyed Hussein al-Houthi (R.A.) himself, has been hit with everything from depleted uranium to white phosphorus to cluster bombs. Nearly the entirety of the city, once vibrant despite its history of war and struggle, has been reduced to rubble–much like what America did to the DPRK’s Pyongyang and ‘Israel’ did to Lebanon’s Dahiyeh. That Al-Saud can even FIND anything more to bomb is a testament to how sadistic, twisted and genocidal that they are in their very being. And that Al-Saud would bomb a crowded shopping area as families were getting food for suhoor (the pre-fast meal during Ramadan) in the midst of Laylat al-Qadr is a proof of just how un-Islamic that they are at their core despite their hollow “Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques” claim. Death to this blood-drenched, crypto-Jewish, baby-killing, mad-beyond-beyond clan of degenerate Najdi scum.

Do you know who bears the greatest responsibility for the Souk al-Mashnaq Massacre though? The Tangerine Terrorist Donald J. Trump and his sanguinary regime. Instead of scaling back American involvement in imperialist wars as he promised the American people, the new figurehead of the US ZOG has followed the path of every one of his predecessors and INCREASED American involvement–in Yemen particularly. Not only is President Supercilious Orange backing Saudi Arabia as it continues its exterminationist aggression against Yemenis with even more coordination, logistical support and direct participation, he is selling them $460 billion worth of advanced arms. And he has billions more on the table for death-machine deals with Al-Saud’s partners in Doha (ongoing fake spat aside), Abu Dhabi, Kuwait City and Manama. Yes indeed, this latest horrific crime in Saada is every bit as much an American crime as it is a Saudi crime and more so.

The Mighty Moujahideen of Ansarullah predicted there’d be new crimes against humanity after the two-faced, rat-like Hadi regime endorsed the shoddy UN plan for Hudaydah, saying the provisions did not go far enough to curtail the air war and in fact tacitly approved of it everywhere else in Yemen. And yet again, the Houthiyeen were right. We now impatiently await their next move to avenge the martyrs as they always do. For Yemeni blood is not cheap. Yemeni blood is what fertilizes the soil of triumph over Zion. And Yemeni blood, most certainly, is what will be the downfall of the Saudi despots. May ALLAH (SWT) grant the martyrs of the Souk al-Mashnaq Massacre the most grandiose abodes in Paradise. #LongLiveYemen #DeathToSaud #DeathToTheAmericanRegime #LongLiveAnsarullah

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  1. A night worth more that one thousand months spent massacreing families at a shopping market? Or spent dying the death of shahid? To die as shahid every night for one thousand month will carry a heavy reward! May Allah swt bestow his utmost reward on any human who die as innocent, and bring his punishment on those who shed blood unjustly. AMEEEEEN!

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