Salute To Alaeddine Ghassoun, Syrian Boxer Who Rejects Normalizing With ‘Israel’

by Jonathan Azaziah

A thousand Striking Star Salutes to Syrian light heavyweight boxer Alaeddine Ghassoun. This young lion, in a display of why Syria is SO beautiful and such an inspiration to all resisting peoples across the globe, today refused to participate in the World Boxing Championship qualifiers in Azerbaijan because his opponent was an ‘Israeli’. Contrast Alaeddine’s gorgeous display of dignity and categorical Anti-Zionism with the “Palestine Solidarity Movement” activists who have not only openly betrayed Syria in favor of the head-chopping “Syrian revolutionaries”, but who regularly meet with ‘Israeli’ settlers and Western Zionists as a means of cementing “peace” and “dialogue”; it’s like night and day. Not even playin’, Mr. Ghassoun puts them all to shame; his two glorious fists are worth more than all these traitors combined.

Alaeddine’s statement explaining his decision, pun intended here, is a KNOCKOUT: “I quit the competition because my rival was ‘Israeli’, and I cannot shake his hand or compete against him while he represents the Zionist regime that kills the Syrian people. If I fight against him, it would mean that I, as an athlete, and Syria, as a state, recognize the ‘state’ of ‘Israel’. The decision to quit was not mine. It was made by the Syrian Sports Federation and by senior Syrian officials. It was a very difficult decision, because I have worked hard to participate in the championship. But I serve my homeland – my honor and my loyalty belong to Syria.” Wonderful. And to conclude, the future champ’s words aren’t just a source of pride for Syria and all those who love and defend the last bastion of Arabism against the vicious Takfiri war waged against it by the Anglo-Zionist Empire, they are a powerful message to the artificial ‘Israeli’ entity itself from every Arab who carries the Palestinian cause in his or her heart: We will never recognize you, we will never normalize with you, forever and always you will be alien, forever and always you will be a cancer, forever and always we will fight you until you cease to exist and Al-Quds, all of Palestine and the Golan Heights return to their rightful owners. #LongLiveSyria #AlaeddineGhassounIsAChamp

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