Saleh al-Sammad (R.A.) of Ansarullah: The Hassani-Husseini Revolutionary Leader Who Fought To Bring Peace In Yemen

by Jonathan Azaziah

Saleh Ali al-Sammad (R.A.) was a special human being. Known as Abou Fadhl, this was a man who saw beauty amidst emaciated bodies and crying mothers–for the strength of Yemen’s people was too beautiful to deny. A revolutionary who saw hope amidst ruinous chaos rarely seen in human history outside of the two Zionist-driven World Wars–for how can one not hope when a besieged and starving people refuse to abandon their right to resist and triumph over usurpers and aggressors? And a leader of leaders who was completely disconnected from the concepts of surrender and defeat. While Ansarullah’s moujahideen fought (and fight) with Husseini fervor to defend their homeland from the Yazids and Shimrs of the Saudi-led coalition of cowards, al-Sammad was the voice of Hassani reason keeping the very fabric of Yemen together: Quelling tribal disputes, bridging political divides, building alliances to strengthen the resistance against the US-‘Israeli’-orchestrated invasion and never stopping the fight to end the criminal war and bring peace to all of Yemen. It was due to all of these qualities that a joint US-‘Israeli’-Saudi assassination squad, utilizing the General Atomics MQ-9A Reaper–created by the Iraqi-Jewish terrorist and founder of drone warfare, Abraham Karem–murdered al-Sammad on this day 6 months ago.

Born in Bani Ma’az in the Sahar district of Saada and a student of both Sayyed Hussein al-Houthi (R.A.) as well as his father Sayyed Badreddine (R.A.), Saleh al-Sammad (R.A.) was a lover of Islam and Ahlul Bayt (A.S.) All he wanted was to spend his life teaching. He graduated from Sanaa University and then studied Shi’a Islamic Liberationist Theology in the Zaydi hawza of Saada’s Dahyan. He’d remain in Saada after that, educating in various schools before settling in his hometown where he’d encourage the youth to spend money in the sake of ALLAH (SWT), not only learn the history of the glorious Zaydi Imams (R.A.) but emulate them and keep their eyes fixed on Palestine always–as that is where the greatest of great Jihads would one day be waged. As a Hafez of the Holy Qur’an, he instilled in all who had the great blessing to learn from him a profound understanding that within ALLAH’s Book, rest all the answers one seeks. Which is why whenever he’d tackle a question from a student, the Sublime Qur’an is what he’d reference. His favorite fruits were pomegranates and grapes and when he wasn’t in the classroom, grooming the minds of Yemen’s youth, he was in the fields, helping Yemeni farmers.

He was certainly a critic of the Ali Abdullah Saleh (L.A.) dictatorship and schooled his students on its various attributes of iniquity, corruption and oppression but remained on the sidelines for the most part when it came to political action. That was until 2007… When his two brothers (R.A.) were murdered in a cruel air raid by the tyrant’s aerial forces. It was right then and there that he took the heartrending decision to leave teaching behind and join the battle against the despot. Indeed, Abou Fadhl (R.A.) played a critical role in the ’07, ’08 and ’09-’10 wars, opening up and leading military fronts from his ancestors’ birthplace in Bani Ma’az to take pressure off the Mouqawamist forces on the Marran Mountain. He worked in both the intelligence and anti-tank units, where he left a major mark and was hailed by all who fought beside him as a noble and Godwary warrior. There were numerous occasions where he and his men were taking heavy fire only to miraculously make it out unscathed–as if ALLAH (SWT) had a far greater destiny for him.

Because of the respect he commanded among all tribes of all Islamic schools of thought throughout Yemen’s north, Sayyed Abdul Malik al-Houthi chose al-Sammad to lead Ansarullah’s political project and find a way to make some inroads in Sanaa to alleviate the strict, repressive policies imposed on the people of Yemen’s north. It was the efforts of al-Sammad that led to the major gains made by the Yemeni Islamic Resistance in the aftermath of the US-Zionist-engineered “Arab Spring”, maneuvering around the NGO-human-rights-industrial-complex which sought to muzzle and curtail them. He always kept his door open to dialogue and diplomacy even after Ansarullah was forced to come to blows with General Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar and the Ikhwanjis of Al-Islah.

In fact, following the September 21st Revolution as well, he briefly served as an advisor with Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi in an attempt to get him to see the light of day and end his servitude to the Washington and Riyadh ZOGs. And in the days subsequent to Al-Saud’s US-‘Israeli’-UK-French-backed invasion, which was openly supported by Al-Islah, al-Ahmar and other traitorous forces, al-Sammad lobbied them to reverse course because they will be betrayed by Empire Judaica in the end. Of course Abou Fadhl was nothing other than right. Peace and unity were his aims, in spite of all the wrongs done to him and Ansarullah. The personification of Imam Hassan (A.S.) on Yemeni soil.

He’d ultimately become Supreme Political Council President and hold that position until his martyrdom in Hudaydah where he was inspecting the primary flanks and getting to know the moujahideen who were defending the besieged lifeline city. Al-Sammad was NOT an “ivory tower” president like his illegitimate predecessors Hadi and Ali Abdullah Saleh (L.A.) He didn’t even want the presidency, saying so often, but accepting it because it was yet another way for him to serve the Yemeni people and nothing but. He had no villas, properties or foreign bank accounts to speak of. He barely even had a pittance to leave his children because he spent all his money for the cause of Yemen’s liberation from Empire Judaica.  He was adored by the people and known by the people. He wasn’t a person who walked around with bodyguards as he had nothing to fear from his constituents number one, and number two, he was fully prepared and looking forward to martyrdom. So all claims by Al-Saud and its tools of a “security lapse” prior to Sammad’s murder are categorically false.

As a fighter himself, he was as connected to the battlefield as anyone. Masha’ALLAH, he was as Husseini as he was Hassani and vice versa–just like his good friend and fellow Ansarullahi legend Muhammad Ali al-Houthi. Because of his absolute commitment to the Sarkha and al-Thaqafa al-Qur’aniyyah as well as his equally strident drive to attain peace, a profound and symbiotic duality, Saudi Arabia considered him to be one of the “most dangerous” leaders of Ansarullah and had a $20 million bounty on his head. But drone missiles and petrodollars aren’t the final chapter of this story. Prior to being assassinated, Abou Fadhl said that 2018 would be “the year of ballistic excellence” and declared without reservation that not a day would go by without missiles being launched over the Yemeni border into the Saudi-occupied Hijaz and Najd.

Abou Fadhl had no idea just how true that declaration would be when he made it. As we mentioned above–ALLAH (SWT) had a far greater destiny for him. Drones bearing his name, the Sammad-1, the Sammad-2 and the Sammad-3 have been wreaking havoc on Saudi Arabia and the UAE ever since, striking the airports of Abu Dhabi and Dubai as well as ARAMCO facilities all over the Dark Kingdom. Like he rose from the grave, literally, and took to the skies to seek his vengeance. One good drone deserves another–wouldn’t you agree Saud, Nahyan and Maktoum? Like Hizbullah champions struggling for liberation in the name of the Hajj Imad Mughniyeh (R.A.) School of Fighting, Ansarullah’s champions do the same with a fleet of drones in the name of Saleh Ali al-Sammad (R.A.)

Sayyed Abdul Malik al-Houthi considered Saleh al-Sammad (R.A.) to be his right hand man–like  the Yemeni saint Malik al-Ashtar (R.A.) was to Imam Ali (A.S.) Abou Jibreel, who rarely cries about anything related to the life of this world, is said to have cried an ocean of tears when he heard of Abou Fadhl’s murder at the hands of Al-Saud–just like Imam Ali (A.S.) did when Malik al-Ashtar (R.A.) was assassinated by one of Mouawiyah’s (L.A.) paid agents. That’s how deep their bond was. Beyond politics. Beyond the struggle. It was something entirely ethereal and rooted in the light and history of Islam. Brothers, in every spiritual sense.

The Ansarullah chief’s righteous tears notwithstanding, Abou Fadhl led the kind of life in which we, his successors and torchbearers, would almost be insulting him if we mourn him. He was a hero, both in and out of the combat arena. And that’s the kind of man, the kind of Muslim, the kind of Shi’a, the kind of Zaydi, the kind of Arab, the kind of Yemeni and the kind of resistor who you celebrate. Gone but never forgotten. Physically dead but spiritually alive and fiercer than fierce can be defined. His struggle has come to a close, so now we move onward to deliver him true justice. Perhaps he isn’t merely reunited with his brothers in Jannah. Perhaps he’s also returned to his passion for teaching. And perhaps his students are the innocent victims of the Saada School Bus Massacre. Perhaps… We can at least pray this is the case, right? Insha’ALLAH khair ya Rab. Death to Saud and every other hand in the Bani Ma’az Bruiser’s (R.A.) demise. Long live Ansarullah. And Al-Fatiha for Saleh Ali al-Sammad, a Mouqawamist whose name will ring bells in the streets worldwide and the heavens until the day of Judgment.

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