Saeedah, An 18-Year Old Yemeni Siege Victim, Is Starving To Death Because Of Al-Saud

by Jonathan Azaziah

Say salaam to 18-year old Yemeni siege victim Saeedah. She’s from the coastal city of Hudaydah–part of the province of the same name–and is, clearly, suffering from a horrifying case of acute malnourishment. I normally don’t share photos like this because I find them to be denigrating to our beloved brethren, but since Yemenis are imploring us to do so to wake up the world about Saudi Arabia’s barbarity, I am following their lead because we should all be at their beckoned call. The reason why Saeedah is afflicted with this unspeakable condition is not because of Ansarullah as some infuriatingly dimwitted and even more infuriatingly sectarian “analysts” and “activists” have falsely noted. She’s starving to death… LITERALLY FADING AWAY TO LESS THAN SKIN AND BONES… Because the sanguinary, maleficent, rotten-to-the-core Saudi regime has bombed Hudaydah’s port and is blockading all foodstuffs, medicines and other humanitarian goods from entering the region. In addition to that, Al-Saud has bombed Hudaydah’s fisheries, one of the primary sources of food for the Yemeni residents, and set up a perimeter around the city with American, British and ‘Israeli’ assistance to keep the siege in a permanent state. Saeedah is going to die imminently and Dönmeh Saudi Arabia along with every last one of its Western backers will be awash in her blood.

Beyond the obvious point that the Zionist-controlled mainstream press will not report on the plight of Saeedah and the other starving teenagers, children and babies of Hudaydah, just as it did not cover 6-year old blind Yemeni boy Moustafa Abed al-Bari surviving a Saudi air raid on his home in Sanaa, nor did it cover the Saudis’ murder of my dearest brother Ghassan al-Husseini; beyond the obvious hypocrisy of the American, British and French ZOGs which decry the Syrian Arab Republic’s defense of its nation against Imperialist-backed terrorism as a “war crime” whilst arming the baby-slaughtering Saudi regime to the teeth; and beyond the rage that stems from seeing large chunks of “The Ummah” avoiding any discussion on Yemen as if it was Qur’anically haraam to speak about it, there is a much more important point to be made.

What Saudi Arabia is doing to the Yemeni people is not merely condemnable or criminal. It is satanic. And because of this ungodliness that Dönmeh Al-Saud has unleashed upon Yemen, the Wahhabi tyrants deserve death. Death and only death. Death and a trillion deaths after it. And until “Al Mawt Li Al-Saud!” is ringing out in a global cacophony with the support base of an Islamic-Christian, Eastern-Western consensus that should have been established decades ago, crimes like the starvation of Saeedah will only continue. Sorry, but toothlessly calling for this nightmare to end while simultaneously reading statistics from a few reports detailing Saudi crimes against humanity released by the likes of Zio-funded HRW and Amnesty simply ain’t gonna do the trick. The total end of the Saudi dynasty and its illegitimate rule over the Hijaz is the sole future to be focused on.

When you are dealing with a devil, you do not placate him. You do not acknowledge his iniquity and hope that this acknowledgment will somehow stop him from engaging in acts that are intrinsic to his devilish essence. You cast him back into the fire from which he emerged from and seal him there to halt him from disseminating his brimstone-imprinted chaos among the people of goodness–and what are the Yemenis if not the personification of felicity?–ever again. And who else is making “Death to Saud!” into a tangible actuality right now other than Ansarullah? Who else is sending the devil that is the Saudi regime back to the dark sector of Jahannam it originated from? Who I ask?! There will be justice for Saeedah and every other man, woman and child brutalized and victimized by the Saudi-US-UK-‘Israeli’ siege. Undoubtedly. But it will not come from farcical institutions like the ICC or two-faced “Palestine Solidarity” types. No. Instead, it will be the Mighty Moujahideen of the Yemeni Islamic Resistance–the only force preventing Yemen from becoming a full-fledged Zio-Imperialist colony–who will bring down the righteous wrath of blood-drenched Husseini skies atop the heads of the Saudi despots.

In the meantime, we can only walk with the Yemeni people, fight for them through our tears and outrage, and defiantly tell their stories since nobody else of “conscience” seems to have any desire to do so. And with all of the bravery that the Yemenis of Hudaydah, Amran, Aden, Abyan, Al-Bayda, Dali, Mahrah, Lahij, Shabwah, Socotra, Ibb, Jawf, Hadramawt, Hajjah, Amanat al-Asima, Thamar, Raymah, Al-Mahwit, Ma’rib, Ta’iz, Saada and Sanaa have shown us over the last year and a half, most especially beautiful, resilient Saeedah, it is the least, the very damn least, that we can do.






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