Russia’s Humble Christmas List

by Peter Lavelle, Russia Insider

This year the list is modest, even downright humble. The following should be considered as bare bones basics.

As you will see Russia is merely asking the west to live up to its lofty self-proclaimed ideals and values:

  • A US president who knew what s/he was talking about when making remarks focused on Russia.
  • An end to expectations Russia will participate in a bailout of Ukraine while western sanctions remain in force.
  • The west should stop talking about democracy when it can’t tell the difference between a real expression of self-determination (Crimea’s vote to return to Russia) and Ukraine’s recent sham parliamentary election.
  • A west that finally stops overthrowing democratically elected governments (like in Ukraine) what comes later is always worse.
  • Washington and its allies should be careful what they wish for: Forced regime change in Moscow could actually end up with the end of the EU and chaos in much of the American global empire.
  • A west that recognizes the value of a Russian life is on par with that of an American and European.
  • A west which recognizes that all countries have the right to defend and protect national interests.
  • The United States should finally stop talking about its “values” to the entire world after the publication of the Senate’s torture report.
  • Ask Victoria Nuland to visit Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries when she has the urge to pass out “democracy cookies.”
  • Washington should firmly distance itself from and condemn Ukrainian fascists and extremist ideologies.

One thought on “Russia’s Humble Christmas List”

  1. Yes. A west that recognizes the death grip held by zion on the economies and cultural life of its prisoners -there are no longer any citizens. We are all Palestinians now.

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