Rise and Trevolt Entry 4: Controlled Opposition Must Meet The Sword Of Truth

by Trevor LaBonte (Mouqawamah Music Exclusive)


The Zionists are not actually the primary enemy of the truth movement, since Zionists such as Netanyahu often already reveal some truth about their genocidal ambitions in the Middle East.
Obviously, we oppose Zionism, but the truth movement’s mission is to liberate the discourse from the “controlled opposition,” also called the gatekeepers. These are people like Max Blumenthal, Noam Chomsky, Jewish Voice for This, Jewish Voice for That, Miko Peled, Ali Abuminah, Mondoweiss, Democracy Now, Naomi Klein, Naomi Wolf, etc., whom always want to set the boundaries for what we as Goyim are and are not allowed to talk about. They remove from the parameters of social acceptability all topics which are too sensitive to their Jewish tribal operations. These include unsavory facts about Jewish culture, Jewish history, Jewish ideology, Jewish racism, Jewish Supremacism, and really anything else that is Jewish. You are only allowed to praise Jews and you must bow down before this Holohoax lie that millions of jews work, lying in concert, to keep alive and spread, decade after decade.

This Gatekeeping is a very clever operation for them because it conceals the source of the problem, the gushing geyser of wickedness and amorality known as Judaism and/or Jewish ideology. Obviously, if you are not considered human, as is the case with us Gentiles, than the door is wide open and Jews are free and clear to commit crimes such as the Holodomor, al Nakba, the Bolshevik Revolution, the original Purim Massacre, the other massacres committed on Purim in romantic, demonic commemoration of it, and too many others to list here in this journal entry. There is no morality possible within this Jewish notion that we are sub-humans, Amalek, etc. I don’t want to overuse the word obviously, but this is obviously, OBVIOUSLY the problem. You cannot solve a problem you are not allowed to accurately describe or define, and our enemies know this.
Take Gilad Atzmon’s advice and focus a little less on these Zionists that the whole world can see are walking calamities, and let’s do something clever to neutralize these gatekeepers’ ability to run around calling people “anti-Semites” for not believing in a crummily patched together atrocity hoax from 70 years ago, for knowing “Israel” did 9/11, or our belief that people who identify as members of an exclusivist, supremacist and frankly psychotic ideological collective (Jews) should not be running anything, let alone a criminal occupation of Palestine, an illegitimate coup in Ukraine, The State Department, the Pentagon, the UN, and especially not a one-world Jewish-led government such as the one that the Rothschilds and their Frankenstein, “Israel,” has planned for us. No way, José.

9/11, the Holohoax, Judaism, these topics are now officially open for free discussion, because we fucking say so.

People are afraid to debate us because they don’t want to get cut in half by the Sword of Truth.

~ The End ~

One thought on “Rise and Trevolt Entry 4: Controlled Opposition Must Meet The Sword Of Truth”

  1. brilliant. and 100% truth!

    judiasm is the #1 enemy of humanity, it is the parent corp of zionism, white supremacism, and all supremcism and racism.

    any real warrior for truth must admit this now or just leave the battle field because truth is if u are not looking at the right target you were never on the right battlefield.

    non violence is key and a organized opt out campaign is necessary , simple things like only buying halal foods, stop posting on their websites or watching their gatekeepers.

    and of course supporting the true warriors like yourself. love the music, best hip hop EVER.

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