RIP Tom Hurndall, A Champion Of Palestine Who Died Because Of ‘Israel’ 13 Years Ago Today

by Jonathan Azaziah

Rest in peace, power and purity to Thomas “Tom” Hurndall, a genuine friend of the Palestinian cause and beloved champion of the Moustazafeen, who joined the ancestors on this day 13 years ago. On April 11th, 2003, in the midst of the Second Intifada in the Gaza Strip’s Rafah area, Tom was taking Palestinian children in his arms to protect them from ‘Israeli’ occupation forces’ artillery and bombardments. He escorted many to safety. But in doing so, he also put himself in the line of fire and a murderous, usurping Jewish sniper shot him in the head. Tom remained in a vegetative state for over 9 months before passing away on January 13, 2004. We could speak on the cowardice of the ‘Israeli’ enemy and its inability to stand face-to-face and eye-to-eye with the indigenous and their international allies who reject its Jewish supremacist claims and regional hegemony; we could speak of its anti-Gentile hatred and its insatiable bloodlust as well. But it would better serve the memory of Mr. Hurndall and the Palestinians he gave his life defending to instead speak of his selfless commitment to Palestine’s liberation; his bravery in the face of his monstrous disease known as ‘Israel’; and the sacrifice he made for a land that wasn’t his but a people who he considered his brothers in humanity. The humble hero Thomas Hurndall was the essence of what the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) was supposed to be and for a while, truly was.

But fast forward a decade and change after Tom’s murder at the hands of shaytanic ‘Israel’ and the ISM is now more concerned with not only muzzling Western activists, be they Whites, Blacks or Diaspora Arabs and Muslims, on matters such as rejecting the MSM narrative on the conspiracy against the Syrian Arab Republic, standing with Yemen against Zionist Al-Saud’s aggression, 9/11 truth, WW2 revisionism and the Zionist origins of ISIS, but also dictating to Palestinians in occupied Palestine how THEY should resist the savages gobbling up THEIR land and how THEY should speak on this enemy as a means of avoiding any possible offense of Jewish “comrades” abroad. This servility, weakness, disconnection from the real liberationist nature of the Palestinian cause and disrespect towards it are insults to Tom’s martyrdom. He is undoubtedly spinning in his grave over what the ISM has become.

When his spinning stops however, he can still rest assured because not everyone has fallen into the trap of Judaization. Many of us still remember what solidarity, steadfastness and yes, the pinnacle of it all, SACRIFICE, mean. Many of us still live, fight and are prepared to die for these noble principles too. Assuredly, it’s an honorable aspiration to live, fight, resist and achieve martyrdom like Thomas “Tom” Hurndall – A British man more Arab and Muslim than every last “Arab” and “Muslim” regime who betrayed Palestine at the inception of the Jewish supremacist tumor’s artificial existence but have found plenty of funds and guns to send to the Takfiri terrorists destabilizing Syria, the only Arab state to limitlessly support the Palestinian Mouqawamah. More Arab and Muslim indeed. Gone but not forgotten, brother Thomas. And decades from now, Palestinian children in liberated Al-Quds will sing your praises and tell your story as if you were a hero in an ancient fairy tale – Only it will be as true as a Gaza sunrise is beautiful beyond belief. #RIPTomHurndall #DeathToIsrael #LongLivePalestine

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  1. Thank you for this eulogy, Jonathan. I have kept an eye on the various American victims of Israeli violence, most so broken they tend to disappear from all view. Tom was one of them; I had not realized he passed away assuredly from complications due to his injuries. May he rest in peace.

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