RIP To Victor Thorn; Was He, Like Gary Webb and Danny Casolaro, Murdered?

by Jonathan Azaziah

I’m shocked. I’m angry. And I’m saddened. Deeply and truly saddened over the death of author, researcher, activist, fighter and all-around good guy Victor Thorn. I didn’t know the man as well as my dear brother Mark Glenn, but I knew him well enough to call him my friend and I was honored to have worked with him. Victor had interviewed me several times over the last six years, about Iraq, Syria, the “Arab Spring”, Obama, the neocons, and Mossad’s linkage to 9/11, and it was always a pleasure. Unlike many persons in this struggle of ours, what stuck out most to me about the brother was that he was always upbeat. Jovial. Hopeful. Yes, hopeful is the best word. He believed that in spite of all the terror and horror that International Jewry had inflicted on the planet, we, the people, Muslim and Christian, Easterner and Westerner, the United Gentile Resistance Front, were going to prevail in the end. We shared that in common. It is for this reason that I don’t buy the official story even for half a second that Victor Thorn put a bullet in his own head. If it looks, smells and feels like bullshit, then 100 times out of 100, it’s bullshit. And Victor committing suicide, as far as I’m concerned, is just that.

Mr. Thorn was not only a colleague of our sorely missed hero, friend, brother and guide Michael Collins Piper (RIP), but his contemporary, and his prolificity was second only to MCP himself. The man was fearless and there wasn’t a taboo around that he didn’t take to task. My personal favorites of his vast book catalogue are “The Holocaust Hoax Exposed” , “9/11 Evil: ‘Israel’s’ Central Role in the September 11th, 2001 Terrorist Attacks” and “Made in ‘Israel’: 9/11 and the Jewish Plot Against America”, all short, hard-hitting volumes that drill the point home succinctly and brazenly. No doubt that each of these books and dozens of his other works and articles put him in the crosshairs of Earth’s Most Evil. But it is the timing of his death that puts four particular works of his under the microscope and raises eyebrows to the point they fly off our faces as to who (and/or what) was really behind his death.

Victor was best known for his trilogy on war criminals Bill and Hillary Clinton (The Sex Volume, The Drugs Volume and The Murder Volume) and the follow-up published a little earlier this year, “Crowning Clinton: Why Hillary Shouldn’t be in the White House”. Anyone who knows ANYTHING about the Clintons is cognizant of the fact that they have a trail of bodies that they’ve dragged on their political journey from Arkansas to the Oval Office. If you oppose these degenerate maniacs, you wind up taking a dirt nap. And knowing that Bill and Hillary–as well as their “chosenite” overlords–have historically done WHATEVER IT TAKES to make their ambitions manifest into reality, it is exceedingly difficult not to think outright that Victor’s life was taken by the Zionist-bankrolled Clinton Murder Machine.

I think of Victor and two other dauntless journalists come to mind: Gary Webb and Danny Casolaro. Mr. Webb famously broke the story on the CIA’s Contra proxies in Nicaragua selling cocaine that wound up being cooked into crack on the streets of ghettos and projects across the US. Mr. Webb is said to have committed suicide by shooting himself twice in the back of the head–yeah. He shot himself. Twice. In the back of the head. Right. Mr. Casolaro on the other hand was digging deep into the Inslaw/PROMIS affair that would have exposed an “international cabal” known as “the octopus”. On the day he was supposed to meet a source to break the story wide open, Mr. Casolaro, known to be tremendously squirmy when it came to drawing blood, allegedly committed suicide by violently slicing his wrists in a Martinsburg, West Virginia hotel bathroom. Both of these men were undoubtedly murdered; Webb by the CIA and Casolaro by the Mossad. And the cover stories are nothing less than laughably pitiful. But because of the Jewish-Zionist domination of the media, no significant scrutiny in the mainstream sphere–so it could be provided to a mainstream audience–ever came to light.

Victor Thorn, a fierce truth-seeker, wouldn’t want us to let what really happened to him be gobbled up in the Empire Judaica metanarrative. He’d want us to claw our way to the veracity like he did with every topic he ever penned a word about, from the Clintons to Obama, 9/11 to the Holofraud, the neocon wars ravaging the Arab-Islamic world to Jewish supremacy and the NWO in general. And if that puts us in the line of fire too, then you know what? So be it. For it is better to die in resistance than live in subservience. Rest in eternal serenity Victor, we ain’t gonna let you go quietly my brother; we ain’t gonna let you go quietly at all.

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