RIP To Karrada Martyr Dr. Muhammad Mahdi Al-Badry: Iraq’s Culture Of Martyrdom At Its Purest

by Jonathan Azaziah

Do not cry brothers and sisters but rejoice; you are witnessing the Iraqi Culture of Martyrdom at its purest. Say salaam to Dr. Muhammad Mahdi al-Badry who was martyred Saturday night in MossadDaesh’s suicide truck bomb attack on the Karrada district of Baghdad. When Sunday morning rolled around, his wife gave birth to a beautiful, healthy son.

Ever heard the saying, “We don’t die, we multiply!”? After the monstrous Baghdad atrocity over the weekend, there really is no phrase more applicable. Like dauntless Hizbullah moujahideen who fall on the battlefield in Syria while sons or daughters are born on the day of their martyrdom, and the heroes of Yemen’s Ansarullah who give their lives defending the homeland from Al-Saud but have their children pick up their Mantle of Resistance the very moment that they depart this world, or Palestinian prisoners who smuggle sperm to their wives to keep the bloodline of the struggle going in case they die behind the usurpers’ walls, Iraqis now join this righteous pantheon of miracles.

O’ Zionist oppressor! You can kill some of us but you cannot kill all of us! And for every innocent life your Takfiri proxies take in the name of Oded Yinon’s “Strategy For ‘Israel’ In The 1980s”, another beautiful soul is born to take their place when the time is right. “Iraq will not die, no, we won’t break!” as I rhymed on “Shaku Maku“; we are the sons of Imam Hussein (A.S.) and our resilience is mountainous. May Dr. Muhammad Mahdi al-Badry rest in eternal serenity, and may his gorgeous baby boy live a tremendous, prosperous, wonderful, love-filled life; there will be no better vengeance for the Karrada martyrs.

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