RIP Najih Shaker al-Baldawi: An Iraqi Hero The Zionist Media Will Not Acknowledge

by Jonathan Azaziah

Rest in everlasting sublimeness and majesty to Najih Shaker al-Baldawi. This Iraqi hero wrapped his arms around one of the suicide bombers who attacked the shrine of Imam Ali al-Hadi’s (A.S.) son Sayyed Muhammad in Balad last Thursday, held on for dear life and prevented him from entering the sanctified site as people prayed and celebrated Eid al-Fitr. He lost his life in the ensuing explosion. If he hadn’t acted with such valor and selflessness, there wouldn’t have been 37 martyrs but hundreds. Undoubtedly, this terrorist assault would have eclipsed the magnitude of the horror in the Karrada district of Baghdad. Najih wasn’t just a hero but a deliverer; an angel who temporarily took human form so he could achieve a Divine mission and depart this plane as a holy martyr. And yet this harrowing tale, which should resonate with all humans, especially those who have lost loved ones in everyday tragedies or abominations manufactured by the monsters who run our planet, has been relegated strictly to pro-Mouqawamah circles.

Imagine if he was a European “Champion of Liberalism”, or, better still, an ‘Israeli’ usurper “human rights activist” who was a “pillar of the Jewish community”, then there wouldn’t be a news outlet in the world not plastering his face on their front pages and salivating to ram his story down the throats of Zionist-Imperialist audiences everywhere. But instead, because he is “merely” Iraqi, he is unsung and unknown, for being “known”, in this Judaized world of humanity-scales and Orwellian lexicons, directly correlates with receiving acknowledgement from Western ZOGs and their soft power organs. Such patronizing, hyper-Orientalist, dehumanizing, ultra-Zionist standards however, will not be recognized by us; in fact, such standards are rejected by us categorically. Because Najih is a hero to Iraqis; he is a hero to Arabs; he is a hero to Muslims; and he is a hero to Moustazafeen everywhere, just like Lebanese Islamic Resistance moujahid Adel Termos, who also dove on a Takfiri suicide bomber and prevented more death and destruction in Bourj el-Barajneh last November. The fact that Zio-run MSM has outright ignored this beautiful soul who lived and died exactly as a lover and follower of Ahlul Bayt (A.S.) should, only strengthens our stance. You will be missed habibi Najih, both by those who knew you as well as by those who know you now in martyrdom, but you will also be remembered fiercely. And when MossadDaesh is vanquished, your sacrifice will be honored as one of the reasons our victory was even possible.

najih al baldawi

One thought on “RIP Najih Shaker al-Baldawi: An Iraqi Hero The Zionist Media Will Not Acknowledge”

  1. Mr. Azaziah, once I heard news of this precious man’s valor, I immediately shared it because -like you – I deemed him worthy to be honored.

    My only wish in your article is that you had refrained from stereotyping people from other cultures, and had instead, stuck to keeping Najih Shaker Al-Baldawi front and center as he deserves.

    Otherwise, I thank you for sharing his story. As we both know in our hearts, This world needs good reporters who respond to the need to spread the good in all of humanity.

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