RIP Nahed Hattar: Defender Of Syria, Opponent Of Takfirism And Champion Of Palestine

by Jonathan Azaziah

It is all types of despicable that the Zionist media has hijacked the martyrdom of Jordanian Mouqawamist writer, journalist and thinker Nahed Hattar in an attempt to spread fitnah between Muslims and Christians. The New York Times, The Guardian, BBC, CNN, The Telegraph, Al-Jazeera and numerous other mainstream outlets have all made it a point in their reportage of Nahed’s killing to repeatedly highlight–in the fashion of typical psychological warfare and hasbara operations–his Christian background against a backdrop of rampaging, bloodthirsty, ever-advancing, basically-sentient “Islamic extremism” which is consuming every non-Muslim voice of “moderation” and “tolerance” in our region. There is no nuance. There is no political or geopolitical analysis. There is no notation of the social and religious peripheries, particularly in Jordan. Nor is there any historical context whatsoever. The Parasites’ Press simply wants everyone to follow Hattar’s murder strictly through the lens of the lone event which Zion says is the reason he was killed: His Facebooking of a cartoon that led to him being put on trial for “insulting Islam”. And then on the day of that trial commencing, an “Islamic extremist” gunned him down in front of an Amman courthouse for that very cartoon. The Parasites’ Press however, as if this really even needed to be articulated, is lying through its corroded teeth.

In fact, Nahed Hattar isn’t spinning but doing gymnastics in his grave at the mere thought of the Parasites’ Press even uttering his name, let alone attempting to exploit his death. Yes, he was Anti-Takfiri and outspokenly Anti-Takfiri at that, but he was so, SO much more. He was a full-blown Anti-Zionist, Anti-Imperialist revolutionary whose love for resistance was as weighty as his love for truth. He loved Hizbullah and had the deepest of admirations for Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah. He was a total supporter of the Syrian Arab Republic as well as President Dr. Bashar al-Assad and had penned many a piece through the years–some can be found in the archives of Al-Akhbar English–in defense of Syria’s sovereignty and struggle against the terrorism spawned by the US-‘Israeli’ Empire. And most importantly of all, the Palestinian cause was everything to Nahed. He referred to ‘Israel’ as a “fragile, dysfunctional, and irrelevant entity” and sincerely believed that Arabs, when it was all over, would prevail over Zionism.

Whenever words rolled off his tongue or flowed from his quill, Earth’s Most Evil shook. He wasn’t just brilliant and fierce… He was hopeful. Such hope–which was actually more like YAQIN (certainty)–that we would come out on the right side of liberation from Zionist terrorism, war and occupation, was (and is) the biggest threat of all to the powers that be. THAT is why Nahed Hattar is no longer among the living. Because he unequivocally opposed Zio-Imperialism and in turn, Zio-Imperialism, in its cowardice and penchant for bloodshed, opposed him dead. A Wahhabi gunman might have indeed pulled the trigger, but it is the sponsors of Wahhabi-Takfirism who are the planners and benefactors of Nahed’s murder. In other words, the Wahhabi gunman was just the pretext to shroud the reality at hand in smog.

This alternative and markedly more accurate rendering of why Hattar’s killing occurred is granted further credibility by just how deep the Jordanian regime’s dirty hands can be found in this crime, right down to its rotten core. The “Hashemite” monarchy not only sanctioned his ridiculous, sham trial centered around ridiculous, sham charges, it also encouraged the incitement against him and indeed protected the hatemongers doing the inciting. On state-owned TV and in state-owned newspapers, he was thrashed at the regime’s behest. Moreover, the Jordanian intelligence services were perfectly cognizant of the fact that Nahed was constantly receiving death threats from Takfiris but didn’t do a damn thing to protect him, and, as if this wasn’t enough, they had the Wahhabi gunman who ended Hattar’s life, Riad Isma’il Abdullah, a known terrorist, on their radar. Couple all of this with the elephant in the room, i.e. Jordan being a strategic partner in the conspiracy to destroy Syria, laying everything from guns to missiles and training to safe havens at the Takfiris’ feet, and what we have is complicity multiplied to the tenth power.

And beyond these points, again, as if this really even needed to be articulated, it is vile, just so damn vile that the Jordanian regime would dare accuse a man as principled as Nahed for “insulting Islam” when it is this regime that has been collaborating with the Jewish terrorists who would ultimately steal Al-Quds since before ‘Israel’ was even birthed; this regime that signed the Wadi ‘Araba surrender treaty to legitimize its decades-long love affair with the enemy; this regime that limitlessly services the ‘Israeli’-created Takfiri defilers of Muslim and Christian sanctities; this regime which is as brutal as it is hypocritical and is no more “Islamic” than the heads of Shin Bet; this regime that claims be an “Arab” beacon of “freedom of speech” and “tolerance” while it assassinates writers, imprisons critics of the “king”, protects hate-spewing Wahhabi “clerics” and allows Mossad to operate all over Jordan unhindered. So what’s more insulting? The absolute monarch who claims to be a “Muslim” and the “defender of Al-Aqsa” while kneeling before Zion but somehow wants his “subjects” to take a knee before him? Or the man who shared a drawing on social media (a cartoon mind you that did NOT insult Islam but rather picked apart Daesh’s utterly warped view of the Afterlife)? The absurdity of such a question should be indicative of the absurdity that Nahed Hattar was killed simply for his online post and not his wider political views, writings and activism.

That the Zionist media would use the death of a figure as prominent as Hattar to dump fuel on the “clash of civilizations” fire is to be expected. After all, this is the very same network of institutions and talking heads who have been trying to convince the world for five and a half years that the head-chopping, organ-eating, slave-owning, oil-thieving Takfiris are “moderate rebels” and “revolutionaries”. So just as we have debunked the Zionist-NATO-GCC narrative on Syria, we now must destroy the line on what happened to one of Syria’s most eloquent defenders. And just as Nahed urged Christians to arm themselves against Daesh and align with Muslims to fight the scourge, we must also close ranks and unite to defuse the scheme of division and sedition.

There were quakes in the despotic “Arab” capitals when Nahed wrote and spoke and this assassination was the monsters’ way of doing their best to reduce these vibrations to tremors. But we have no intention of remaining bottled up in pockets of scorched earth, awaiting permission to emerge as we burn from the white phosphorous of enemy warplanes or bleed from the bullets of proxy forces. No, we intend to assert our resistance. We intend to quake more. We intend to crumble the throne of the Jordanian regime and liquidate the entity of its Zionist overlords. And when we do achieve that final, glorious victory, we will name a street in freed Al-Quds after Nahed Hattar. He may not be on this physical plane to see the end of the entity he deemed “fragile, dysfunctional, and irrelevant” along with its Wahhabi tools, but it’s coming. And it is his blood, the blood of a pen-wielding resistance champion and a man of courage and decency, like the blood of all our martyrs, which will expedite this inevitability. #RestInPowerNahedHattar #DeathToTheJordanianRegime #LongLiveSyria

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