RIP Muhammad Ali: Greatest Boxer Ever, Revolutionary and Staunch Anti-Zionist

by Jonathan Azaziah

Rest in eternal power and victory to the three-time heavyweight champion of the world Muhammad Ali. Known as the The People’s Champ, The Louisville Lip and of course, THE GREATEST, Ali wasn’t just the best heavyweight ever, bar none, but was also arguably the best fighter ever pound-for-pound, rivaling even Sugar Ray Robinson and Henry Armstrong. He had footwork and handspeed that were second to nobody; an iron chin, almost-cartoonish resilience and a rock-solid toughness that ranked with the grittiest men; underrated power that knocked plenty of opponents down and out; and a cerebral boxing mind in which he concocted the finest in-ring strategies in the history of the sport. In his prime, The Greatest was unbeatable. As he declined, predominantly because of his all-time classic slugfests with Frazier and Foreman, still barely anyone could hang with him. It wasn’t until he was completely “shot” that a select few could really claim that they “beat” him, and at that point, anyone who follows boxing, knows that while it may be recorded as a “loss” on your resume, it doesn’t really count.

But what sets Ali apart from any other boxer, champion or otherwise, and really and truly, any other sportsman in any other point in history, was his bravery in the face of the most violent institution ever known to man: the Anglo-Zionist Empire.

Muhammad Ali was a revolutionary in all forms and his defiance of the establishment was much more than what is usually spoken about by run-of-the-mill activists, i.e. his defense of Islam, his fierce opposition to the racist, murderously anti-Black Jim Crow system and his fiery, eloquent condemnation of US Imperialism in Vietnam. Beyond this, The People’s Champ was also a staunch anti-Zionist who admired (not to mention met) Egyptian leader Gamal Abdel Nasser and who declared in 1974, “In my name and the name of all Muslims in America, I declare support for the Palestinian struggle to liberate their homeland and oust the Zionist invaders.” On more than one occasion he had remarked that Zionists controlled America as well as the whole world and that the entire US power structure was Zionist too. Ali was also fearless in putting the boxing world’s parasitic Jewish promoters on notice that he wasn’t going to be controlled or dictated to.

Truly, there was nobody like Muhammad Ali, a hero of the world’s oppressed people regardless of race, religion or appreciation of the ‘sweet science’. And while arrogant, overrated pretenders like Floyd “Money” Mayweather falsely and laughably declare themselves “The Best Ever”, the reality is, none of ’em, “Money” included, are good enough, morally, politically or in terms of their talent, to clean the sweat off Muhammad Ali’s gym sneakers. ALLAH yerhamak Champ, we will miss you, and we’ll continue to cherish you for every wonderful thing you accomplished, inside and most especially outside the squared circle.

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