RIP Mikhail “Givi” Tolstykh: Legendary Novorossiya Commander Martyred As Trump-Backed Kiev Regime Rains Hell On Donbass

by Jonathan Azaziah

This evening, we bid farewell, pay our respects, bow our heads and even shed a tear or two for a bonafide hero of the Novorossiya (Donbass) Resistance: Mikhail “Givi” Tolstykh. The legendary commander of the Donetsk People’s Republic’s Somali Battalion was martyred earlier on when a terrorist fired a rocket from a Shmel flamer right into his office. His death was… Gruesome, to put it mildly. He lost a leg, a foot and part of his head in the criminal, cowardly attack. Givi had stared the Grim Reaper in the face more times than anyone can count over the last several years as the Russian-speaking and ethnically Russian people of Eastern Ukraine battled for their freedom and independence from the US-EU-backed, Zionist-controlled, Russophobic junta in Kiev.

He was wounded many a time, fighting side by side with his brothers on the front lines and in the trenches despite his prominent, general-like status among the citizens of Donbass. And yet, the Ukrainian regime failed in each and every instance to kill him. Poroshenko’s goons needed to resort to terrorism to achieve their sinister objective. The Novorossiya giant was known for his leading role in the crucial battles for Slavyansk, Ilovaysk (his hometown) and the Donetsk Airport which paved the way for Donetsk and Lugansk to become sovereign people’s republics. So while it may not seem fitting for a battlefield hero to achieve martyrdom in his office, it actually was… Quite so, in fact. For Givi was in the midst of planning the Donbass Resistance’s next moves and revamping its strategy in the wake of Kiev re-igniting the “conflict” after Donald Trump claimed the presidency.

This barbaric and despicable assassination was undoubtedly ordered from the top down. The Donetsk People’s Republic’s Defense Ministry called Givi’s murder “a continuation of the terrorist war, launched by the Kiev authorities against residents of the Donbass” and also outright pegged Ukrainian intelligence as being responsible, “According to circumstantial evidences, we can easily state that this tragedy was organized by the Ukrainian special services. We do not even rule out the involvement of the adviser to the Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs, Zorjan Shkirjak, in this terrorist act.” And who runs Ukrainian intel as well as the Ukrainian MoD? These are not independent apparatuses but wholly-owned subsidiaries of the CIA and NATO. Such a move, i.e. snuffing out a leader as well-recognized and influential as Givi, could not have come without approval from Washington. Just like the assassination of Givi’s dear friend Arsen “Motorola” Pavlov last October, though it was the Kiev junta which executed the extrajudicial killing, it was the Obama regime that gave the green light. We’re seeing a repeat here in which either Trump himself or Trump’s maniacal Defense Secretary James Mattis issued the go-ahead as a means of weakening the Novorossiya Resistance so Kiev has more power at the negotiating table for a final “peace” settlement.

Starting on January 29th, when the Poroshenko-Pinchuk-Kolomoisky terrorist regime in Kiev massacred over two dozen civilians in the Donbass town of Avdiivka, the shelling of innocents by the US-installed junta has been raging without much of a break. The revolutionary governments of Donetsk and Lugansk are pushing back the best they can and are now certainly out to avenge Givi. In spite of some “analysis” in some pro-Russian outlets which unconvincingly have suggested that the Trump regime was essentially ambivalent towards its client in Kiev, the new American administration’s positions on Russia and the Donbass were made crystal-clear by new US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley’s unhinged speech last week when she did her best Samantha Power-impersonation, blithering about “Russian aggression” and that US sanctions on Russia would not be removed until Crimea was given back to Ukraine. And taking the Trump regime’s policies on Syria, Yemen and Iran into the evaluation, it makes nothing less than perfect sense that there would be aggression on the Ukrainian front as well. President Supercilious Orange campaigned with the promise of better relations with Russia, but the killing of Givi will only lead to more bloodshed.

While Novorossiya will be mourning for days, weeks and months to come, ultimately, the sacrifice of Mikhail Tolstykh will prove to be the catalyst for even fiercer resistance and an even stronger drive to keep the Donbass out of the clutches of the Judeo-vultures in Kiev. Yes indeed, as the cliche goes, Givi is gone but not forgotten. Going a tad deeper, paradoxically enough, Givi may be dead but he is still very much alive in the hearts and spirits of every man and woman in the “conflict” zone defending their RUSSIAN ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN way of life against this hateful, godless regime and its Zio-Imperialist backers. Givi, now with his comrade Motorola, lives. Donetsk and Lugansk… LIVE. And through his sanctified blood, Novorossiya will not merely survive this Trump-backed onslaught just like it pushed on through the carnage started by Obama… In Givi’s memory, Novorossiya shall be VICTORIOUS.

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  1. We also mourn Givi’s tragic death. But ot’s too soon to say Kiev is backed by Trump. Give Trump a chance. He can’t fix everything in three weeks. It may take a few months to turn this ship around. Keep the faith.

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