Reading Is Resistance: Required Books For Understanding The Sabra and Shatilah Massacre

by Jonathan Azaziah

Reading is Resistance. Memories are Mouqawamah. Honoring History is Heroism. You can’t know if you don’t pick up the books! So read! READ! And then read some more! The monsters may rip out our hearts, but they cannot rip out our souls. They may slaughter us where we breathe, but they cannot slaughter our spirits. They destroy, but we rebuild. For steadfastness trumps arrogance. They cannot render our recollection useless. They may spill our blood but then we replenish, rejuvenate and record the agony as a lesson to the next generation in rhyme, paint, art, dance and song. The 3,500 martyrs of Sabra and Shatilah ain’t die… They just changed locale from this ‘Israeli’-occupied world to Jannah and took on new angelic identities as our inspiration. Yes! We resist ’cause they inspire us to from beyond this plane indeed. ‘Till Palestine is free, from the River to the Sea, in rejection of Empire Zionica and in defiance of its attempts to blot out the light of the fallen, WE REMEMBER. #ReadingIsResistance #DeathToIsrael #SabraAndShatilah34Years


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