RAW’s Paid Agents Burn Nasrallah, Assad and Rouhani Photos To Sow Sectarian Discord In Occupied Kashmir

by Jonathan Azaziah

What happened in occupied Kashmir this past Jummah was absolutely disgusting. A small gaggle of young men–some brothers on the ground say 10, others say 12–got together right outside of Jamia Mosque in Srinagar and decided to defile and burn photos of Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah (holding a Holy Qur’an, no less), Iranian President Sheikh Hassan Rouhani and Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad. They chanted ant-Shi’a, anti-Alawi slogans and curiously enough, also held up “Save Aleppo” banners in spite of the fact that Aleppo has already been “saved”, i.e. liberated from Al-Qaeda, by the Syrian Arab Army and its allies. Most tellingly, these sectarian degenerates masquerading as representatives of the Azadi struggle also wore masks. Meanwhile, ACTUAL Azadi activists described the individuals in question as drug addicts seeking narcotics and accepted payment from Indian occupation forces to engage in such vileness because they simply needed a fix. This could possibly be one element but going deeper into the dirt, what’s at work here is something far more iniquitous.

This utterly atrocious display was a blatant intelligence operation run by RAW as a means of sowing discord among Kashmiris and breathing life into its Mossad-backed operation to inaugurate an ISIS chapter inside the Vale. Last summer, the Hindutvadi regime’s murderous spy agency, in conjunction with ‘Israel’ and Washington, paid disaffected youth to hold up the accursed black flags of Daesh at Azadi demos in a poor attempt to a create a Syria-like insurgency inside Kashmir’s borders and justify the ongoing occupation indefinitely. Fast forward to 2017 and this has still bore no fruit. Nor will it. And burning photos of Resistance Axis leaders in hope that intra-communal conflict erupts is not only cynical but short-sighted, pathetic and ultimately, futile. Because at day’s end, this is a numbers game. A dozen fools with no dignity, no morals and no religion aren’t going to affect any substantive change. Tens of thousands of united Kashmiris however, can undoubtedly get the job done.

That was exactly the scene too just about 3 weeks ago, when scores upon scores of Shi’a, Sunni and Sufi Kashmiris marched in celebration of the Aleppo Victory, chanting their support for Syria’s president, army and comrades as well as donning Hizbullah’s Ashoura gear and waving the Lebanese Islamic Resistance’s yellow banner. THIS is Kashmir. THIS reflects the true feelings of Kashmiris. The Vale’s heroic people do indeed stand with Syria, but the legitimate Anti-Zionist, Anti-Imperialist authorities governing it and fighting for it, not the “rebels” destroying it. Loyalty to the Resistance Axis runs deep in occupied Kashmir, with contributions to the Azadi struggle by Ayatollah Sayyed Ruhollah Khomeini (R.A.) and Hizbullah’s martyred secretary-general Sayyed Abbas Moussawi (R.A.) always very much present in the Vale’s collective memory. Let RAW along with its ‘Israeli’ and American allies pay whomever they want and even burn whatever they want. It’s only going to make the Kashmiris’ love for Syria, Iran and especially Hizbullah burn that much brighter, bigger and fiercer; Kashmiris mind you who are united in one battle and who shall not be socially, politically or religiously balkanized by hateful (and asinine) oppressors.

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