Ramadan Mubarak Ansarullah: Defeated UAE Pulls Forces Out Of Yemen

by Jonathan Azaziah

Hahahahaha! Ramadan Mubarak to Yemen! Victory for Ansarullah! Sayonara Emirati filth! The defeated, disgusting, demonic two-headed UAE dictatorship of Al-Nahyan and Al-Maktoum has pulled its occupation forces out of Yemen, solidifying that these cowards got their sorry Wahhabi behinds scorched worse than dying trees in a forest fire. The Yemeni Islamic Resistance took the words “beatdown” and “obliteration” to levels never seen before in modern warfare with its total demolition of Abu Dhabi and Dubai’s tools. Reading the propaganda in the Zionist media has been particularly invigorating for that section of the brain which processes the comedic and triggers laughter, as the hegemonic powers say a mere 80 Emirati soldiers died in combat. What a joke! Carlin-level hilarity, truly! There were over 100 Emirati occupiers sent to hell in a single Resistance attack alone–Ansarullah’s first Toshka ballistic missile operation on September 4th last year–how could these “news” organizations print such lies?! Because they’re not “news” outlets of course but the mouthpieces of World Zionism and its GCC marionettes. The real number of dead Emirati aggressors, when factoring in the proportionality to the insanely-large number of Saudi casualties, is in the high hundreds or in all probability, over 1,000.

Not to mention, the Emirati tyrants’ statements about “liberating” certain areas of Yemen were especially nauseating considering all of these territories were never “occupied” to begin with and thus couldn’t be “freed” but were instead colonized with foreign Takfiris from AQAP or MossadDaesh, wreaking even more havoc on the already-intensely-suffering Yemeni civilian population. And! Wherever UAE forces actually did confront the Yemeni-Zaydi moujahideen and their militantly anti-Saudi Sunni tribal allies, they were reduced to worm food by Ansarullah’s homemade Mouqawamah projectiles, from Ma’rib to Ta’iz and most recently at the Midi border-crossing in Hajjah. With the Saudi-UAE-hired mercenaries breaking contracts with the despots and hightailing it out of Yemen after seeing the Too-Fierce Houthis smash so many of their money-grubbing brethren to bits months ago, and now the UAE itself disappearing from the battlefield like the ‘Israelis’ ran away from Hizbullah in 2000, Al-Saud has lost its two biggest contingents of manpower and will not be able to sustain the aggression on its own for much longer. Yes, the Takfiris remain, and the fight to purge this Wahhabi terrorist virus from Yemen will continue, but the US-‘Israeli’-GCC war on Yemen is effectively over. ‘Tis only a matter of setting a date to make it politically and diplomatically official. We are now one step closer to Triumph and Fall Of The Tyrants Day! Long live Ansarullah! Long live Yemen!

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