Ramadan Massacre Hits Syria, But “Labayki Ya Zaynab!” Is Still What We’ll Chant After Damascus Bombing Today

by Jonathan Azaziah

Labayki ya Zaynab (A.S.)! The Takfiris’ Ramadan Massacre steamrolls along, this time taking a break from killing us in Iraq and hitting our Syrian brothers and sisters instead today at the Sayyeda Zaynab shrine in Damascus. There’s at least 20 martyrs, women and children among them, and dozens upon dozens of wounded, many of them critically, after two blasts–a suicide explosion followed by a car bomb–ripped through the area around the sanctified site. What is most infuriating of all is not even the US-‘Israeli’-Saudi-backed terrorists’ insistence on continuing to slaughter Muslims as we are fasting for the Holiest Month; at this point, as sick as it sounds, it’s almost expected as these Takfiris have no religion, they have no god, they have no morality, and they no humanity; all they are is nihilistic mercenaries working towards the end goal of their masters which is “Greater ‘Israel'” and the elimination of all regional resistance, an end goal which is as delusional as it is diabolical.

No, what is most ENRAGING of all is the silence of the vast majority of the world’s Muslims about this horrific crime, specifically those “activist” Muslims who love giving you “Ramadan reminders” on Facebook and Twitter but seemingly go dark when their fellow Moumineen are being mass murdered in terror attacks executed by the Anglo-Jewish Empire’s dogs. Silence is so vast that it could swallow the planet. This is Lady Zaynab (A.S.) we’re talking about here. The granddaughter of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.), sister of Imam Hussein (A.S.) and one of the greatest, most pious, most respected, most eloquent, most elegant, most intelligent, most knowledgeable, most revolutionary women not only in Islamic history but world history, and these Wahhabi lunatics attack her shrine and the only people who make a peep about it are those in the Resistance Camp?! IT’S DESPICABLE.

Rasoulallah (S.A.W.W.) said that in the end times, the Ulema would be worse than the descendants of apes and pigs, i.e. the Jews, and I think it’s safe to say that this extends to the “Ummah” of today too. Seriously, who needs the Judaics and the “Christian” Zionists when you have Muslims like these?! But allow me to be categorically lucid: No matter the violence and no matter the amount of hypocrites ignoring our blood and throwing dirt on our name, we will continue to chant LABAYKI YA ZAYNAB (A.S.)! Just as Lady Zaynab (A.S.) stood firm in the face of the tyrannical monster Yazid after he massacred her whole family on Ashoura, we shall stand just as firm in the face of his offspring, the Takfiri scourge created by ‘Israel’ and its allies. The martyrs shall be avenged! And in the name of Lady Zaynab (A.S.), every inch of the Syrian Arab Republic and Iraq will be cleansed of this disgusting Takfiri virus! Insha’ALLAH khair ya Rab.

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