Ramadan Karim To The Heroic Hunger Strikers Of Palestine And The Resilient, Resistant People Of Yemen

by Jonathan Azaziah

Ramadan Karim to all my Mouqawamist Muslim brothers and sisters; my fellow warriors and warrioresses; my demon-hunters and demon-huntresses in arms! May The Maker And Shaper Of All Things (SWT) raise your iman and your taqwa to previously unseen levels in this Holiest of Holy Months and may we all emerge as better Muslims and maybe more importantly, BETTER PEOPLE, when we make it to the finish line insha’ALLAH khair ya Rab. While it is our sincerest wish, or more aptly put, most sought-after dream to spend this best of times, in which the Qur’an was revealed to our Noble Prophet (S.A.W.W.), just reading the Book, sifting through Hadith collections, losing ourselves in the wisdom of Ahlul Bayt (A.S.) and studying the lives of Islam’s greatest saints (R.A.), that unfortunately cannot be the case because The Monsters don’t plan on letting us rest. Reason being of course is that The Monsters have no God–rather, they have Al-Shaytan–and they have no humanity either. So in addition to making extra du’a, trying to complete a full reading of the Holy Qur’an and increasing our Deen knowledge, we must also fight ten times harder because our homelands and the Moustazafeen need us now more than ever.

And with that said, special Ramadan greetings and prayers this year go out to the Empty Stomach moujahideen in the Zionist enemy’s dungeons, now on Day 41 of their Dignity Hunger Strike, as well as the Yemeni nation which is staving off siege, famine and a cholera crisis all manufactured and implemented by the genocidal House of Saud. We can say, heartbreakingly but so very proudly, that the courage of the Palestinian prisoners and the steadfastness of Yemen’s people will give us the strength to get through our fasts. We reciprocate by continuing to bring their struggles and their triumphs to the world. It’s not rocket science – If Palestine’s hunger strikers can deprive themselves of food in the name of Resistance and inflicting defeat on the usurping ‘Israeli’ cancer, and the Yemenis fight through MALNOURISHMENT to keep on humiliating Saudi Arabia, there is no excuse for us not to be keeping our stomachs growling right there with them. In this age of Yahoudling devilry and Saudi-Wahhabi aggression, Sawm is indeed now an act of Anti-Zionist, Anti-Imperialist solidarity.

Last Ramadan, Yemenis achieved a tremendous victory by driving the Emirati occupiers off their land and delivering a catastrophic blow to Al-Saud’s invasion effort. May Ramadan this year bring freedom for the Cast Iron Stomach Knights in Falasteen and an even greater victory for the Yemeni Islamic Resistance of Ansarullah and its allies, not to mention an end to the US-UK-‘Israeli’-GCC assault. Never forget: The Parasites laugh at the Men of ALLAH (SWT) and say that ALLAH’s (SWT) hands are tied… But they are ignorant to the truth that ALLAH (SWT) is the Best Planner of All, and that His Party and His Supporters shall be victorious.

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