Qatari Emir Gives Dirty Petrodollars to IOF Disabled Terrorists’ Org

by Tova Dvorin, Arutz Sheva

The family of the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim Ben Hamad Al-Thani, a well-known supporter of Hamas, may have become an unintentional donor to an organization benefitting disabled IOF veterans, Walla! News reports Monday, after buying an apartment in Paris belonging to the IOF Disabled Veterans’ Organization.

The Qataris’s financial proposal was tens of percent the assessment the value of the property – € 2.5 million, according to the report. the acquisition was completed recently, after the approval of both parties, and the money has been transferred to the IOF organization.

In 2003, after she was widowed from her husband and her only son died, Danielle Susan Davis, a Jew from France, made the decision to leave her home in the prestigious 8th district of Paris to the IOF’s disabled veterans organization.

Eight years later she passed away, and left the organization the apartment in her will.

In order to realize the estate, and acting on behalf of the organization in Israel, a local lawyer’s first task was to reduce as much as possible the estate tax which is customary in France, estimated at 60%. The lawyer’s efforts bore fruit and led to a full tax exemption for the estate, due to the use of the money as a donation.

Subsequently, a search of local officials, acting on behalf of the organization, strove to locate a purchaser. A local appraiser estimated the value of the property, a five-room apartment in the prestigious district of the city of lights, at 2 million euros.

Several potential buyers expressed interest in the apartment and one of them even presented a price of 2.1 million euros. However, shortly after a proposal was submitted by a surprising party – none other than a family member of the Emir of Qatar. The proposal was for € 2.5 million, not including brokerage commissions.

Because of the sensitivity of the matter, the buyer, Abdul Rahman Mohammed Jaber al-Thani, was given full details about the use of the funds in the apartment purchase. The Qatar Emir’s men were adamant in making the request to purchase the property despite the beneficiaries, and explained that it will serve as the home for one of the family members, who is expected to begin studying at the Sorbonne University of Paris.

Upon receiving the update from France, the issue became a matter of the approval of the National Committee of IOF Disabled Veterans Organization.

The committee members unanimously approved the authority of the local organization representative in France to sign the agreement. Negotiations between the Qatari family and local organizations, as well as the agreement, were made without any involvement of members of the organization in Israel.

The agreement is sensitive due to the fact that Qatar supports Hamas and is outspoken about doing so.

Among other things, the political chief of staff of the organization, Khaled Meshal, operates in the Persian Gulf state, and Qatar unabashedly supported Hamas throughout Operation Protective Edge.

The sale of the property was recently completed and the money was transferred to the organization, where it will go to benefit IOF veterans.

The organization has declared the sale a success.

“This is an achievement of the Foundation, which works around the world to raise funds for disabled IOF veterans,” the organization stated. “We are pleased that in this case that the process has been expedited, both by overcoming all tax expenses and in light of the high financial bid received. The money will be used for the IOF Disabled to promote initiatives and projects for them.”

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