Propaganda Alert: Saudi Tyrants Call Ansarullah’s Missile Strike On One Of Their Warships “Suicide Boat Terrorism”

by Jonathan Azaziah

No geopolitical actor on Earth’s face, whether state or non-state, shakes the malicious and malevolent Saudi regime to the core quite like the Yemeni Islamic Resistance of Ansarullah. Earlier yesterday morning, Al-Madinah, one of the Wahhabi monarchy’s “elite” naval frigates, was shelling coastal villages and fishermen in the strategic Red Sea city of Hudaydah. The Houthis’ Missile Unit, ever-vigilant and ever-accurate, responded in kind to the criminal aggression with a pinpoint strike via their indigenously-produced Zelzal-3. A direct hit was scored and the Saudi invader vessel went up in flames. Of the 176 soldiers and officers that comprised the ship’s crew, over 100 were sent straight to the hellfire where they belong, dozens of others were wounded and a combat helicopter on board was destroyed. Oh, happy day!

Following the Yemeni Mouqawamah’s gorgeous counterattack, the despots in Riyadh did what they always do: Flick their forked tongues and lie through their rotted teeth. First the Takfiri tyrants said there was no attack. Then they said there was indeed an attack but there weren’t any casualties. And then, in an absolutely masterful impression of ‘Israeli’ hasbara techniques, they finally admitted that two–yes, a mere two–of their occupiers died and three more were injured, but said that these casualties hadn’t occurred because of Ansarullah’s Missile Unit firing upon the vessel but because of “TERRORISM”. Imagine! The terrorist invaders bombing, shelling and starving Yemeni men, women and children accusing the heroes defending themselves from this terrorist invasion of committing an act of terrorism! Astounding! If it wasn’t so unconscionable, it’d be exceedingly amusing.

Al-Saud’s talking heads barked that the Houthiyeen sent three “suicide boats” to hit the frigate. It should be noted that the Saudi maniacs only leveled this nonsensical, fairy-tale-like charge to begin with because just like last October when Ansarullah sunk the UAE’s HSV-2 warship, the Military Media Unit of the Yemeni Islamic Resistance caught the entire thing on camera, therefore paralyzing any falsehoods that would be potentially churned out by the Empire and the Najdi devils. Anyway, for those who consider themselves students of our region’s happenings, you should recognize this blatant propaganda as Judaic in origin. The cancerous Zionist entity accused the Palestinian Resistance of “suicide boat” attacks in both the First and Second Intifadas to malign the truthful narrative of Palestinian liberation within Western circles. This reflects that the ‘Israeli’ entity is collaborating with Al-Saud not only on the military and intelligence fronts but in waging (dis)information warfare on the Yemeni people as well.

Ansarullah for its part responded with sagacity and snark, all but laughing at the Saudi regime’s putrid and cowardly attempts to cover up the event: “We attacked a vessel of the Saudi Navy which shells our towns and our people. This is not ‘terrorism’. The aggressors should the check the definition themselves. This is called self-defense.” Stripping everything else bare, this truly is the essence. Sayyed Abdul Malik al-Houthi’s Mighty Moujahideen represent a YEMENI organism which legitimately overthrew the illegitimate Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, a YEMENI puppet installed by the US-‘Israeli’-Saudi alliance to rob and lord over the YEMENI people. Western liberal democracy as practiced by colonialist ZOGs, the greatest global sham of all global shams, failed in Yemen so Yemenis took matters into their own hands. The Saudi regime, a foreign power and an invader, criminally intervened in this internal Yemeni affair to shore up its own interests because as Hizbullah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah once said, Al-Saud has always seen and treated Yemen as a slave and nothing more. This is not a “civil war”. Saudi Arabia is ‘Israel’ and NATO. Yemen is Lebanon, Gaza, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Thus, obviously, everything that Dönmeh Saudi Arabia does is an aggression and everything that the Houthis do to counter that aggression is resistance. Righteous, glorious, spectacular resistance. And moving forward, so long as “King” Salman and his demon son continue this idiotic adventurism, more Saudi ships will sink, more Saudi (and other “Operation Decisive Storm” coalition) soldiers will die, more Saudi-paid mercenaries will high-tail it out of Yemen in fear of the fierce Yemeni Islamic Resistance and more territory of the modern Saudi state which has historically belonged to Yemen will be chipped away. The crypto-Jews in Riyadh are defeated and in all fairness, have in fact been defeated since March 26th, 2015 when they ill-advisedly began this genocidal onslaught on behalf of the usurping Jewish supremacists in “Tel Aviv”. We give history the last word: Nobody conquers Yemen. Nobody subjugates the sons of Zayd (A.S.) Nobody lays waste to Ansarullah. It is Ansarullah which lays waste to anybody who dares try a hand at subjugating its people and conquering its homeland. The blistering attack on the Saudi monsters’ Al-Madinah frigate is simply the umpteenth confirmation of these truths.

One thought on “Propaganda Alert: Saudi Tyrants Call Ansarullah’s Missile Strike On One Of Their Warships “Suicide Boat Terrorism””

  1. Yes, it is very much like Al Aqsa Brigade taking out a few IOF turds during the last hell rained down on Gaza. It was, in a word, satisfying…., though neither, “win”, is equal to the horrors endured for decades.

    But, I do love your descriptive words.

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