President Assad’s Visit To Wounded Syrian Soldiers In Hama Exposes And Flattens Western-Zionist “Evil Dictator” Propaganda

by Jonathan Azaziah

It has been an everyday ritual of the Zionist-owned, Zionist-operated mass press over the last 6 (now going on 7) years to demonize democratically-elected Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad in the most absurd, most obscene and most nauseating ways imaginable. The likes of the NYT, CNN, WaPo, Fox, the entirety of the ‘Israeli’ media and GCC media as well, particularly Qatari Al-Jazeera and Saudi Al-Arabiya, have all but stopped short of “reporting with confidence” that Assad eats baby brains for breakfast, kitten soufflĂ© for lunch and puppy chowder for dinner. An exaggeration? Maybe. But nevertheless, it is a veracious reflection of just the kind of hysteria that MSM has churned out in its dissemination of “regime change” info-warfare on behalf of the Anglo-Zionist Empire. So it is not only important but OBLIGATORY that as scenes such as those from Hama over the last few days enter into wire services, we share them and give them proper context before the Vultures and Villains of the 4th Estate do what they do and turn the gorgeous into the ghastly.

President Assad, his wife, Syria’s First Lady Asma, and their children have been traveling through the Hama countryside, visiting soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army who have been wounded and disabled defending Syria from the Takfiri terrorists. These heroes are having their injuries treated and getting their lives back on track thanks to the Jarih al-Watan (Injured of the Homeland) program, started by Assad’s office in 2014. Both the SAA and the NDF are covered under the project and any soldier or fighter who has been fully disabled in the struggle to restore Syria’s sovereignty is financially provided for in totality. The fact that this is something personally launched by the Syrian President shows that there is a tremendous bond between the Commander-In-Chief and his men. And, for the record, Jarih al-Watan is working swimmingly and restoring normality to these warriors’ existences after they’ve sacrificed so much. When we look at similar initiatives in the West, we see nothing but bureaucracy, corruption and continued suffering of those who served–and may we note that unlike the soldiers of Syria, who are justly fighting in defense of their homeland, our region and the future of the Palestinian cause, Western soldiers make up nothing more than cannon fodder in death squads for International Zionism.

It is in the interaction of Syria’s First Family and the hurt soldiers that we see the Zionist-Khaleeji “evil dictator” narrative fall to the tiniest of pieces. The Assads’ visit to the village of Deir Shmayl is a particular standout, as they meet hero Ayham Mahmoud Dunya, whose injuries have greatly afflicted his ability to walk. He was so happy however just to meet the President that he utilized all of his will and strength and managed to greet Bashar on his feet. Masha’ALLAH! Seeing the pictures and watching the videos of this encounter as well as others in the villages of Tal Aafar, Rabou, Matna and elsewhere, you see soldiers and their loved ones embracing Bashar, Asma and the Assad children like they were family. Hugs, kisses–lots of kisses in fact–laughter and smiles ensue. The Assads love the Syrian people and the Syrian people love the Assads because they are one and the same; they are in the fight against Zio-Takfiri terrorism together. The warmth and camaraderie between them is as genuine as a sunrise on the Syrian coastline is breathtakingly beautiful. Compare the bond between the Assads and Syrians with say, Merkel and Germans, Macron and the French, May and the British, Al-Saud and Hijazis, Al-Khalifa and Bahrainis, or even Trump and Americans, and what you have extends beyond apples and oranges. It’s more like this universe and an alternate reality. Indeed, the disconnect is that gigantic.

If the Assads, and Bashar especially, were as hated by Syrians as the Zionist media says they are, how would they be able to come into the homes of soldiers from some of Syria’s most humble parts and be welcomed not merely out of respect for the head of state, his wife and his seeds, but as friends; as relatives; as brethren; as beloveds? And if the Assads were “hiding in their palace” and “too arrogant to relate to the people”, how could they enter into a region that is still in the throes of conflict with the US-Zionist-GCC-backed Takfiri scourge and travel around completely unafraid? And finally, if Assad is a “killer of his own people”, why is it that the best and bravest of Syria’s citizenry, i.e. its strong and steadfast soldiers who actually defend the people, love him so very much and are prouder than proud that he is their leader? Why?! The Zionist media can’t and won’t answer any of these questions because the whole of their hasbara line has a foundation flimsier and easier to tear apart than tissue paper in a typhoon. Assad’s no “dictator”. He’s an organic revolutionary inextricably linked to the pulse of the Syrian Arab Republic’s people and the ongoing battle for liberation.

Searching for ACTUAL tyrants? Look no further than the piggish, opulent regimes in the Gulf who REALLY brutally repress their own populations, engage in various forms of slavery and are in the midst of implementing genocide in Yemen. Or better still, let’s take a gander at Western capitals themselves, where the despots aren’t premiers and presidents but the “chosenite” trillionaire banksters and corporate giants who own them lock, stock and smoking barrel. And these are the forces who would dare slander the Assads and attempt to lecture them about what it means to be “democratic” and have “human rights”. The gall. In truth though, Syrians and those who stand hand-in-hand with them know more than damn well that such malevolent individuals can’t ever even hold a melting candle to Bashar and Asma. Not now. Not in the next life. Not in a thousand more after that either. #LongLiveSyria #LongLiveAssad #LongLiveTheSAA

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