Pakistanis In Quetta Raise Sheikh Zakzaky’s Portrait To Mark International Al-Quds Day

by Jonathan Azaziah

Thank you Pakistan!

At yesterday’s International Al-Quds Day rally in Quetta, our Pakistani brothers carried a massive portrait of unjustly imprisoned Nigerian revolutionary Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky as they marched for Palestine and the world’s Moustazafeen. This salute to Africa’s foremost Mouqawamist personality and one of Islam’s most towering figures is a testament to the Pakistani people’s humbleness, their Anti-Zionist essence, their love of Islam, their commitment to Palestine and their heartfelt stance in support of the world’s most oppressed. Indeed, that Pakistanis would make this gesture when they are in the midst of fighting their own demons–and big, vicious, CIA-Mossad-Saudi-RAW-backed demons at that–speaks volumes about who they are as a people, i.e. principled, militant and strong. Compare our dauntless Pakistani brethren with the liberal, Westoxified, Judaized “Muslims” of the West, both Shi’a and Sunnis, especially those of the light-skinned variety, who flirt with Euro-privilege and enjoy posh lifestyles while touting their “Islamic identity” as a means of climbing academic and social ladders. These “cultural Muslims” speak day in and day out regarding “micro-aggressions” and other extreme-leftist, extreme-weakling expressions of “fighting the power”, seeking to ingratiate themselves with World Zionism and the Gay International. But when it comes to defending ACTUAL Islamic revolutionaries who are ACTUALLY fighting the ACTUAL power in the world, like Zakzaky in the face of Empire Judaica, these coconuts are as mum as the near-totality of Global Jewry when ‘Israel’ massacres our people.

A word of solidarity with Pakistan as a whole on this occasion. While this demo in Quetta was Shi’a-led, and while Shi’a are being targeted throughout the Pakistani state daily as evidenced by the ungodly terrorist attack on Parachinar yesterday that left nearly 100 Shi’a martyred, the growing Wahhabi-Takfiri-Deobandi scourge targets ALL Pakistanis of ALL Islamic schools of thought and ALL ethnic/tribal backgrounds. The proliferation of this terrorism, facilitated to the hilt by Washington, “Tel Aviv”, Riyadh and New Delhi, is part of the ‘Israeli’ stratagem known as the Dragon Policy and has been ripping Pakistan apart since Mossad knocked down the Twin Towers on 9/11/01. Well over 150,000 Pakistanis, including tens of thousands of soldiers from the Pakistani Armed Forces, have been martyred and wounded by this 4th Generation Warfare and guess what? THE MAJORITY OF THEM ARE SUNNI. So before making this a sectarian issue, keep in mind that ‘Israel’ wants Pakistan denuclearized as well as balkanized according to the Yinon Plan and division only plays into this scheme.

Pakistan–EVERY INCH OF PAKISTAN–needs our support. As does Zakzaky. Mouqawamists in Quetta get this. As does the Islamic Movement of Nigeria. Stop following the trends of the Zionized Muslim Diaspora before you wind up in the abyss, falling with all of history’s traitors. May Zakzaky be freed from the Buhari regime’s dungeons. And may Pakistan be liberated from the iron-fisted grip of Al-Dajjal. #FreeZakzaky #LongLiveZakzaky #PakistanZindabad #LongLivePalestine #Ta7yaFalasteen #AlQudsDay38 #DeathToIsrael

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