On The Importance Of Hizbullah and the Iraqi Popular Mobilization In Palmyra’s Liberation

by Jonathan Azaziah

While there’s been a lot of coverage in the wake of Palmyra’s liberation about the key role of the Russian Aerospace Forces, much less has been said, unfortunately, about the role of Hizbullah as well as the Iraqi Popular Mobilization, which has barely been discussed at all. The Lebanese Islamic Resistance’s expertise in guerilla/asymmetrical warfare was most certainly the deciding factor in the sheer swiftness of the Tadmur triumph. And the Iraqi Popular Mobilization, specifically the mighty Imam Ali (A.S.) Brigade, which had been on the front lines of the ancient desert city as far back as December 2015, was integral in securing the outskirts of Palmyra and vast swathes of desert territory because of its intimate knowledge of the Syrian-Iraqi border. It was the Iraqi Popular Mobilization, backed up and led by Hizbullah, that prevented ISIS’s reinforcements from pouring over from the Iraqi side of the border as Syrian soldiers pounded ISIS closer to Tadmur’s gates.

Thus, while Mr. Putin’s Air Force does deserve all the credit in the world for thrashing Daesh from the skies and paving the way for the Syrian Arab Army’s advance, let us not forget Hizbullah, Iraq’s Imam Ali (A.S.) Brigade and other Iraqi Resistance groups that were just as critical in achieving this monumental win for the entire region. This isn’t some kind of pissing contest; our peoples are all in this together and cannot engage in this fight against the Zionist-Takfiri scheme of death single-handedly, you know? So madd love to ALL the Mouqawamah Axis forces and their martyrs… We’d be in oblivion without you. ‪#‎Palmyra‬ ‪#‎Syria‬ ‪#‎Iraq‬ ‪#‎Hizbullah‬

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