On “Palestine Solidarity Movement” Activists Spreading Hasbara ‘Bout Aleppo

by Jonathan Azaziah

Massive, mega, moon-sized middle finger to every “Palestine Solidarity Movement” activist tweeting and facebooking about “Assad’s barrel bombs” in Aleppo but not saying a single goddamn word about the innocents massacred by the Takfiri rebels over the past week in the Halab City neighborhoods of Bab al-Faraj, Al-Midan, Al-Mouhafaza, Sayf Al-Dawla, al-Iza’a, Al-Martini, Al-Nile Street and others, including Syrian Muslims slaughtered in a mosque as they prayed during Jummah today and Syrian-Armenian Christians bombarded to death during Palm Sunday. There are Palestinians and Iraqis, refugees welcomed by the Syrian Arab Republic with open arms, being murdered in the terrorist onslaught also, as Aleppo is arguably the most diverse city in all of Bilad al-Sham. Instead of exposing these horrific atrocities however, as well as bringing to light the criminals in “Tel Aviv”, Washington, Ankara, Riyadh and Doha backing the Wahhabi fanatics doing the killing, the aforementioned “Palestine Solidarity Movement” activists foam at the mouth with hasbara about the Syrian government so their Jewish friends don’t accuse them of backing a “Hitlerian-Authoritarian-Neo-Fascist dictator”, and, assuredly, so their Khaleeji homies don’t turn off the petrodollar spigot. Because of course, the notion that ‘Israel’ isn’t a mere “apartheid state” but a cancerous hegemon with designs not just on our region but the whole planet and needs those who resist it, chiefly Syria, knocked out of the frame, is “anti-Semitic”.

First of all, President Assad–as if every bomb is individually dropped by him with his puppy-crushing, kitten-eating bloodlust and magical, evil powers–didn’t bomb any hospital. The Syrian Arab Army categorically denied this propaganda and Russia, which has de facto control over Syria’s skies, said it was a warplane from the artificial, US-led “anti-ISIS” coalition that launched the air strike. Reading into it a bit more deeply considering the media apocalypse against Syria that has emerged within the last 24 hours, the American regime undoubtedly did do it as a classic false flag attack to inaugurate a new round of international pressure on the Syrian President and his government in the ongoing Anglo-Zionist Empire quest to implement “regime change” in Damascus.

Secondly, and most importantly, the Zionist-Khaleeji media LIED about the very nature of the “Syrian revolution” from day one, claiming it was peaceful when there were attacks on government facilities and policemen on March 15th, 2011 onward. The Zionist-Khaleeji media LIED about the very character of the “Syrian revolutionaries” from the start, claiming they were “secular” when they were ALL violent, Wahhabi-Takfiri, head-chopping fanatics whose favorite chant was “Death to the Shi’a, Alawi to the coffins, Christians to Beirut”, from the first wave of terrorists that originated with the “Muslim” Brotherhood to the current brigades comprised of ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra, Ahrar al-Sham, Jaysh al-“Islam”, etc.

The Zionist-Khaleeji media LIED about the political goals of the rebels, saying they only wanted the overthrow of the “Assad dictatorship”, but were in fact burning the flags of Hizbullah, Iran, Russia and China and openly courting the ‘Israeli’ enemy for various forms of support from jump street. The Zionist-Khaleeji media LIED about every single bloody massacre that has taken place in Syria, claiming each one was executed by the Syrian Arab Army when the ungodliness unleashed in Hama City, Homs City, Houla, Tremseh, Baniyas, Jisr al-Shughour, Deir ez-Zor, Latakia, Sweida and so many other places was ALL carried out by the Takfiris. The Zionist-Khaleeji media LIED about the August 2013 chemical weapons attack in Eastern Ghouta, pointing the fingers at Dr. al-Assad when it was plotted by ‘Israel’ with operational assistance from Al-Saud and Erdogan. And the Zionist-Khaleeji media LIED about the humanitarian catastrophe in the Lebanese-Syrian border town of Madaya, blaming it on the Syrian Arab Army and Hizbullah when it was actually Jabhat al-Nusra, the FSA and Ahrar al-Sham starving the people and hording whatever aid came through the gates.

The Zionist-Khaleeji media has LIED about all of this and so, so, SO much more when it comes to Syria, as well as Libya, Iraq, Yemen and Ansarullah, Lebanon and Hizbullah, Russia and Putin, Palestine, Venezuela, Iran, the DPRK and too many other resistant states, movements and individuals to count, but it’s now all of a sudden telling the truth about the sanguinary events in Aleppo?!?!?! THESE PEOPLE NEED THEIR HEADS EXAMINED!

In the end, this latest act of collaboration and obfuscation from the “Palestine Solidarity Movement” once again shows that they are not friends of Palestine, the Palestinian cause or the Syrian people, because they are siding with the tools of ‘Israel’ in hope of getting Zionist-Khaleeji media recognition for their “struggle”. And let’s not skate around it: the Takfiri freaks ARE INDEED tools of ‘Israel’ before everyone else. Just earlier this week, another arms cache of Hebrew-branded weapons was found in Sweida and more terrorists from the Damascus countryside, Hama and Quneitra were treated in Zionist occupation military hospitals. The evidence of the ‘Israeli’-Takfiri alliance is downright overwhelming. Yet these “activists” still entertain the seriously unhealthy delusion that the Zionist-NATO-GCC-controlled rebels are “freedom fighters”.

Thus, there is no “struggle” that the “Palestine Solidarity Movement” is engaging in. What they’re REALLY doing is undertaking a concentrated effort to make the Palestinian cause completely toothless, on the Palestine front itself by phasing out all persons whose political position is “Death To ‘Israel'” and on the international front by rejecting anyone who stands with the Resistance Axis against the destabilization of Syria. How do you claim to support Palestine when you’re happily cheering on the destruction of the only Arab state providing the Palestinian people with arms to defend themselves and eventually liberate their homeland? It’s time to call a spade a spade: The “Arab Spring” destroyed the “Palestine Solidarity Movement” and left nothing to be salvaged from the wreckage but traitors, liars and subversives.

Real solidarity with the Palestinian cause is now found among the ranks of those who stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the Syrian Arab Republic, protect the Islamic Republic of Iran, salute and defend Hizbullah, support the Iraqi Popular Mobilization and safeguard Yemen, as we all know that every drop of chaos in the Arab-Islamic world is the work of the Zionist regime in an alliance with its myriad of NATO-Khaleeji ZOGs and the only way to stop it is to remove ‘Israel’ from our region Algerian-Hizbullahi style. It is certainly unfortunate that this is the situation we happen to find ourselves in but it is the reality nevertheless. And for the sake of the suffering men, women and children of Aleppo, all of Syria and the whole region, we must stop pretending that the colonized, sectarian, Takfiri-sympathizing, infiltrated, Zionized, anti-Syria, anti-Resistance, utterly toothless “Palestine Solidarity Movement” is anything but an extension of the NGO/Soft Power network of Empire Judaica.

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