On Martyrdom Anniversary 21 For Sayyed Hadi Nasrallah (R.A.), We Celebrate An Individual Hero And A True Moujahid

by Jonathan Azaziah

Another milestone martyrdom anniversary for the Lebanese Islamic Resistance of Hizbullah. Today marks 21 years since Sayyed Muhammad Hadi Nasrallah (R.A.), the eldest son of Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, valiantly achieved Shouhadat in a firefight with the Zionist enemy on Mount ar-Rafie near the hallowed ground of Arab Salim. The ‘Israelis’ called the attack “revenge” for their mega-humiliation in the Ambush At Ansariyeh, the operation that changed the face of history and put the end of the usurping Jewish entity’s occupation of Lebanon in motion, but they were lying through their demonic teeth and actually had no clue what they were doing.

And as far as Zionist murders go, it fell more than a bit short as the assassination of the Hizbullah Secretary-General’s pride and joy only strengthened the resolve of the Mouqawamah, made it tactically more powerful and increased its readiness, awareness and commitment. Support from Lebanon’s citizenry was maximized too. Verily, all of its “chosenite” bluster and chest-puffing aside, ‘Israel’ didn’t even realize who exactly it had killed, thinking that Sayyed Hadi was just another Resistance fighter and displayed his body live on Zio-TV with the other two Hizbullahis who fell in the battle, Ali Muhammad Kawtharani (R.A.) and Haytham Mughniyeh (R.A.)–who would later have an entire Mouqawamah unit named after them.

Once the pictures made it to the airwaves, Lebanon’s defenders realized Sayyed Hadi was among the dead as did the Lebanese people. The sympathy, empathy, love and heartwarming respect that poured out towards Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah and his sublime men were astronomical and completely unprecedented. It was even coming from people who weren’t previously Hizbullah supporters. Not only was the IOF military operation a failure, as Sayyed Hadi and his comrades got their licks in and inflicted heavy damage on Satan’s sons before leaving this world for gardens, streams and couches in the Akhira, but the post-op, i.e. the psychological warfare, was also a tremendous bust. ‘Israel’ has never comprehended this, nor will it ever: The Party of ALLAH (SWT) rocks its martyrs like armor, especially when the Shahid is the very son of its righteous leader.  They didn’t take Sayyed Hadi’s death as a tragedy but a triumph; an achievement; a celebration; a great, ever-flowing source of inspiration.

Born in the village of Bazouriyeh in Sour of the Jnoub, Sayyed Hadi was known his whole life as a kind, humble and happy individual who brought joy to everyone around him, especially his family. He also possessed a profound Intifada-Mouqawamah-Karbala Consciousness and had a difficult time coping with the Zionist aggressions all around him while he was in the midst of his studies at Al-Moustafa Educational Center. He wanted to contribute however he could to uplift Lebanese, Palestinians and the whole Ummah in the face of the illegitimate ‘Israeli’ regime. Seeing how much the Resistance meant to him and how dedicated he was to pursuing this path, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah and his revolutionary wife Fatima Yassin allowed him to temporarily drop out of school and begin training in the Mouqawamah.

He ascended quickly. Not because he was the Sayyed’s son–no such favoritism and nepotism can be found in the pristine ranks of Hizbullah–but because he was tenacious and Godwary. When he would return home after tours combating the enemy, he spent every waking moment in prayer, in Zikr or reading the Holy Qur’an. Quoting Ayat from ALLAH’s (SWT) Perfect Book on the battlefield is something else he’s remembered for. He also dreamed of visiting a freed Al-Quds and praying with his father at Qoubbat al-Sakhrah and Al-Aqsa. The young Sayyed was prouder than proud of Hizbullah being a vanguard of the Palestinian cause and made du’a nightly that he’d one day get the chance to tangle with the Zionist enemy inside Falasteen.

On the day of his martyrdom, ‘Israeli’ terrorists were attempting to deepen the occupation in Arab Salim as a means of making up for the cataclysmic beatdown they received at Ansariyeh. Once they arrived on the Mount ar-Rafie route though, Hizbullah emerged from the brush–as if they came out of nowhere like jinn, subhan’ALLAH–and opened fire on the Zionist convoy. Then a second Resistance contingent joined the fray. IOF reinforcements poured in to back up the initial invasion force. A third Mouqawamah unit then followed suit. The fighting was fierce and lasted for just over three hours. Back-and-forth exchanges of machine gun fire and light artillery raged. Sayyed Hadi, Ali Muhammad Kawtharani and Haytham Mughniyeh were wounded badly and died almost instantly. Their bodies were then stolen by the ‘Israeli’ usurpers. Not before they managed to send a few Zio-Maggots to the hellfire though! While IOF and the SLA claimed there were only four INJURIES in the battle, Hizbullah revealed that were in fact four DEATHS on top of DOZENS of wounded and showed the ID cards of the scorched colonizers live on Al-Manar to prove it. Sayyed Hadi did justice and gave honor to the Muhammadi-Husseini plasma in his veins.

At just 18 years old when he was martyred, Sayyed Muhammad Hadi Nasrallah showed depth and courage beyond his years and shouldn’t merely he remembered as Ibn Hassan–although that is part of his aura and should indeed always be so. He was very much a warrior in his own right–an individual legend. He could’ve led a peaceful life, perhaps studying Islam in Najaf and Qom or just living in the mountains that he loved so much with a wife and children. His family had sacrificed so much already, most assuredly. But by his own will, he chose the path of Mouqawamah, Jihad, Martyrdom and struggle against the hateful, baneful ‘Israeli’ enemy instead. He refused to live on the sidelines when his father, his father’s friends, his friends and his friends’ fathers all waged resistance in Zion’s crosshairs.

That’s what you call a true moujahid. A pure Jihadi. A veracious Mouqawamist. A real revolutionary. A son worthy of his saintly father’s legacy and the unblemished Party’s history. A champion worthy of a special place in Hizbullah’s pantheon of Mighty Moujahideen. His blood is that which made the ground fertile for victory. Rest in power ya Sayyed Muhammad Hadi Nasrallah (R.A.) If those of us commemorating you, have children who grow up to have 1/100th of your dignity and bravery… We should genuinely consider ourselves the most blessed parents alive.

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