On Malcolm X’s (R.A.) Birthday, Y’all Need Rafiqi Green’s “X-Minded” In Your Life

by Jonathan “Madd Cold” Azaziah

For the Muslims of the world’s slums, ghettoes, projects, barrios, gutters, broken-down, working-class, low-income homes and dregs of all other sorts most especially, there is no greater inspiration than Malcolm X (R.A.), hands down. But surely, ANY Muslim from ANY walk of life and any NON-MUSLIM from ANY walk of life who is an acolyte of truth loves the man once known as Malcolm Little. Don’t matter if you’re African-American from Chicago, Iraqi Arab from Brooklyn, Afghan from Somerset, Irish from Boston, Italian from Philly, Liberian from Staten Island, Latino from LA, Lebanese Arab from Dearborn, Iranian from Houston, Palestinian Arab from Montreal, Pakistani from London, Ghanian from Acca, Syrian from Miami, Chechen from Moscow, and it goes on and on, we all draw hope and strength from this incredible human being who went from block-mainstay, hustler and inmate to the most influential revolutionary the Western world has ever known and one of the most important moujahideen ever in global history. And while El-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz is gone, taken from those who adored him by the FBI and the ADL way before his time–he’d be 91 today–the words, speeches, teachings and deeds he left behind have created a congregation of brothers and sisters walking his path and continuing his battle.

One such soldier, a massively gifted brother with a face full of Nour who is absolutely ridiculous on the mic-phone, is Rafiqi Green.

I met sun for the first time today with my Pashtun doppelganger and partner-in-rhyme Khanverse and by ALLAH (SWT), what a blessing! What a mercy from Ar-Rahman (SWT) to link up with such a righteous cat and such a wonderful soul who is fighting day in and day out to turn the hell that is the South Side of Chicago into a better place for his people… OUR people. Sun does what he says and says what he does, spits what he lives and lives what he spits. REAL; just… REAL. And with that said, I can’t think of a doper way to celebrate Malcolm X’s birthday on this special May 19th in 2016 than to knock Rafiqi’s new mixtape, “X-Minded”. I’m telling y’all, drop whatever it is you’re doing, click the link, download, and let it KNOCK at retarded volumes. Every joint is pulsating with sun’s effortless flow as he tears into a multitude of classic beats all of you will recognize, dropping gem after gem in bar after bar on track after track. He can sing too, melodic and smooth, masha’ALLAH! Not even playin’, every joint is fire.

My personal favorites are “Here We Go Again”, where he spits FEROCITY, “Now they closing the schools, now what we gon’ do/They forcing the streets, to teach the youth/You watching the news, you see the results/Enough with the Jews, this is the Black holocaust/How much does a dollar cost? I guess the price is blood/History tells the truth about what happened to us/”, and “Bad News”, where sun goes global, “And the Jews is taking over the media/Distracting us while they dig under Al-Aqsa”. Rafiqi ain’t just nice, he’s awake and he’s ‘bout the DEEN and keen on the fact that only Islamic Liberation Theology can end our suffering clean. So in honor of Malcolm X, in support of real, true, revolutionary Hip-Hop (Mouqawamah Music!), for our struggling Black fam in Chicago and our struggling Ummah at large, listen to “X-Minded” and get to know this light-filled MC known as Rafiqi Green. Happy birthday El-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz (R.A.), rest easy knowing your legacy is in good hands; we won’t let your militancy die! And a crazy Striking Star Salute to Rafiqi, you have something truly special here my dear brother.

One thought on “On Malcolm X’s (R.A.) Birthday, Y’all Need Rafiqi Green’s “X-Minded” In Your Life”

  1. Sadly, I was born to late to really understand and know him.
    He was wise, quick in mind, and knew and understood the evil ones.
    I honor his passing, and hope one day I can talk with him. He was taken from the world by ones who understood his power. God rest his soul.

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