Omani Tyrant Qaboos Fraternizes With Baby-Killer Netanyahu, Exposing His Hypocrite Face Beyond Repair

by Jonathan Azaziah

In a March 25th, 2017 piece entitled “Never Call Qaboos “Neutral” Again: Oman Joins Al-Saud’s Genocidal War On Yemen”, we here at Mouqawamah Music sounded off about the devilish nature and history of the Omani dictatorship led by “Sultan” Qaboos. His destructive role in Yemen, his ties with ‘Israel’, his allegiance to the British colonialist regime and his crushing of the PFLOAG rebellion were all exposed. Our rooftop screams fell on deaf ears unfortunately. Ain’t no way out of this one though. In a surprise visit to the strategic Persian Gulf state, baby-killer, butcher of Gaza, war criminal and Jewish supremacist fanatic Benjamin Netanyahu arrived in Muscat to deepen ties with the despot Qaboos as well as the “advancement of the peace process” along with “a number of issues of mutual interest to achieve peace and stability in the Middle East”. What all that gobbledygook really means is that the ‘Israeli’ terrorist-in-chief wants an Omani rubber stamp on the liquidation of the Palestinian cause in regards to the first matter, and Omani participation in the illegitimate Halakhic-Talmudic regime’s regional schemes in regards to the second matter. Qaboos the Queer is already aiding and abetting the Saudi-‘Israeli’ war on Yemen. Now “Tel Aviv” wants his help with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

This isn’t a conclusion that was difficult to reach. Because Netanyahu didn’t just travel to the “sultanate” with his corrupt wife Sara, a rather hideous creature who’s so hateful and maniacal, she abuses her own fellow Jews who are on her staff because they didn’t follow her orders down to the letter. Accompanying the First Family of Genocide was Mossad chief Yossi Cohen, son of an Irgun terrorist and a thirty-year veteran of the death squad, and ‘Israeli’ National Security Adviser Meir Ben-Shabbat, a former Shin Bet stalwart who spearheaded the Entity’s internal intelligence agency’s sanguinary operations in besieged Gaza during Operation Cast Lead. Their entry into Oman comes on the heels of a rare public speech by Cohen just a few days ago in which he spewed the tiresome “Shi’a Crescent” drivel and noted that “regional countries”–a blatant ‘Israeli’ reference to the Khaleeji traitor states–share the Yahoudlings’ view of Iran. And with ‘Israel’ in need of re-centering regional attention on the Islamic Republic of Iran following the Khashoggi killing–and the Jewish Lobby in America is working hard to achieve exactly this–a visit to Oman was the most appropriate strategic move. ‘Israeli’ analysts have already spilled the beans on it too.

Qaboos the Quisling has long maintained an image that exuded “moderation” along with “neutrality” and “non-interference”. The perfect cover to conduct “diplomacy” with either the Islamic Revolution or Ansarullah while working for ‘Israel’ and subsequently passing off critical information to the Mossad. Just when you thought the “sultan” couldn’t sink any lower into his degraded collaborationist rank, he managed to find the lowest point imaginable: Normalization under the guise of “peace”. Vile. It won’t just be Iranians, Yemenis and Palestinians paying the price for this treachery either. The Omani despot’s recruitment as an asset of Mossad’s devilry is, perhaps first and foremost, a splash of acid in the eyes of Oman’s people who have long had Anti-Zionist ideals in their hearts. The dictatorship has never drawn their ire because its collusion has been kept hidden. That veil is gone now. So Omanis have to know, unequivocally: They’re being governed by a traitor. Are they too pacified–neutered, really–to notice? To do something about it? Or will they erupt in outrage? The longer they remain quiet, the former option will be the reality, and then… the crimes and acts of treason committed by “Queen” Qaboos will become theirs.

We said it last year and it most certainly needs to be stated again loudly and proudly today: DEATH TO THE OMANI REGIME. And of course, death to the usurping Zionist entity too. At this stage of the game though… DTO and DTI really are interchangeable, aren’t they? As for the righteous resistors and revolutionaries of Tehran/Qom and Sanaa/Saada… Beware of the moles in Muscat. Beware, beware, beware. Qaboos the Quanker has gone the road of Tunisian Sahyu-sellout Ben Ali and multiple Sahyu-sellout Moroccan tyrants. All needs is a menorah for some candles and a mezuzah for his door and his Judaification would be complete.

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