Now 930 Days After The Zaria Massacre and Sheikh Zakzaky’s Illegal Imprisonment, Why Is The Silence Of “The Ummah” Still So Deafening?

by Jonathan Azaziah

Jummah Mubarak to everyone but most of all to our steadfast and unbreakable Nigerian brethren who to this very moment continue to fight for the freedom of Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky. It has now been 930 days–read that again and after you shake your head in disgust, read it one more time–since the leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) and perhaps the greatest Islamic revolutionary to grace the African continent in history was locked up by the utterly atrocious, completely servile, downright pathetic regime clinging to power in Abuja. 930 days. The Sheikh’s imprisonment immediately followed the unspeakable Zaria Massacre which lasted 72 hours. December 12th to December 14th. Almost 1,000 Nigerian Shi’a slaughtered, countless others disappeared and on top of Zakzaky and his wife Sayyeda Zeenat being throw into a dungeon, hundreds of IMN activists were tossed in with them. Their fates remain unknown. Since being unjustly put behind bars, the Sheikh has lost vision in one eye, had a stroke–as confirmed by his iron-souled daughter Suhaila–and has been denied proper medical care by the brutal, collaborationist, US-‘Israeli’-Saudi-backed tyrant Muhammadu Buhari. Sure as hell seems to fit all the criteria that “The Ummah” needs to make some noise, right?

Wrong. In 930 days, outside of the Islamic Republic of Iran–which continues pushing behind the scenes to free Zaria’s Lion–Lebanon’s Hizbullah, Iraq’s Harakat Hizbullah al-Nujaba, Yemen’s Ansarullah and a handful of good-hearted activists across the globe, the vast majority of “The Ummah” STILL cannot be bothered to speak up about the horrifying circumstances that have befallen Sheikh Zakzaky, his family and his flock at the hands of a corrupt, despotic government that has the full backing of the United Snakes of IsraHELL. Mouqawamah Music has dealt with the reasons behind this reprehensible and pitiful silence in many a piece. Everything from Saudi Arabia’s filthy Wahhabi petrodollars buying quiet on the matter… to open anti-Black racism that is present in an embarrassing number of “woke Muslim” circles… to blatant anti-Shi’a sectarianism stemming from the penetration of Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab’s (L.A.) and Ibn Taymiyyah’s (L.A.) deranged ravings into the Sunni world… to the apathy and isolationism preached by MI6 darlings like the Shirazis infiltrating into Shi’a communities … to the co-opting of Muslims by Organized Jewish Interests who are de-Islamicizing our shabab and turning them into “SJW” foot soldiers of the ZOG. No doubt that all these play a role in why “The Ummah” has gone deaf, dumb and blind on the persecution of the IMN and the war–yes, war is the right and the only term–on Sheikh Zakzaky. But there is one element that simultaneously trumps them all and binds each of them together as one: COWARDICE.

Yes. These cowards who won’t say a word for the Sheikh and the Martyrs of Zaria are the same pukes who lost usage of their voice boxes when it comes to the Zionist-orchestrated, Saudi-driven genocide on Yemen. These clowns who can’t find it in their gaunt excuses for hearts to stand up for the oppressed people of Zakzaky’s IMN are the same milksops who have never come to the defense of Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian Arab Army and the Syrian people under siege from Zion’s Takfiri terrorists. And these mollycoddles are the same exact dripping bags of mucus who have turned over control of the Palestine Solidarity Movement to outright Zionists, who duck out like thieves in the night when it comes to ‘Israel’ and 9/11, who side with humanity’s greatest oppressors on the implementation of Talmudic hate speech laws, who say “anti-Semitism” and Islamophobia are one and the same to please Jews and be the recipients of liberal Jewish “activist” money, who join neocon calls for “regime change” in Tehran because it’s run by “theocratic reactionaries”, etc. They have failed time and time again on the greatest issues of this age, so truthfully, why should their stance on the Khomeini of Africa be any different? I’ll tell you though. You need someone to stage a protest over the Trump administration’s “Muslim ban” or some degenerate White trailer park dweller in the backwoods of Mississippi on YouTube having a meltdown over a potential “Muslamic” invasion of ‘Murica???? Oh my stars and comets. “The Ummah” will be there before you can say, “halal vegan tofurkey burgers for lunch on George Soros!”

If it hasn’t been realized yet, then it should damn well be realized now. 930 days into the detainment of Sheikh Zakzaky, “The Ummah”, like most of humanity, should be condemned in the harshest possible terms for its inability–either willing or unwilling, knowing or unknowing–to uphold its Islamic duty to defend the oppressed and come to the aid of a GIANT who has single-handedly brought more people to the Deen than anyone since Rasoulallah (S.A.W.W.) himself. “The Ummah” should be, in the simplest terms imaginable, ashamed of itself. And this “Ummah” dares speak of hastening the return of Imam al-Mahdi (A.S.)? If you can’t even stand up for one of the chief representatives of Al-Qa’im (A.S.) in this epoch, how do you think you’ll be anywhere near ready when he makes the comeback with Christ (A.S.)? It’s a joke. A real sick one too. As for those who have taken the opposite route of these House Muslims and sounded the alarm for Zakzaky, his family and his partisans…. May you all be rewarded with the choicest blessings of the Almighty (SWT) and strengthened to do more. Because we must do more. We must. Write more. Spit more. Scream more. March more. Sing more. More is the name of the game indeed until the Sheikh is freed from his captivity and the Zaria Martyrs have justice. Defy “The Ummah” and fight for Zakzaky the way Zakzaky fights for the Moustazafeen. Nothing else is even remotely close to acceptable. #FreeZakzaky #LongLiveZakzaky #JusticeForZaria #DeathToTheBuhariRegime

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