‘Nothing but bushes’: Racist, Zionist Australian PM compares nation to moon prior to British colonization

(EDITOR’S NOTE: These incredibly inflammatory, tremendously racist comments from Australian PM Tony Abbott not only reflect just how deep the empire mentality and colonialist identity run in Australia, but also just how close Canberra and the usurping Jewish entity are. The “nothing but bush” excerpt from his orientalist diatribe sounds eerily familiar to the oft-repeated “Land without a people for a people without a land” and “We made the desert bloom” mantras of Zionism. As former Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr pointed out, the Jewish Lobby in Australia has “extraordinary” and “unhealthy” influence on the political process Down Under, and it is now clear that this corrosive, Talmudic state within a state is not only corrupting Canberra’s foreign policy but the very language its politicians use as well. In a private email exchange, Brendon O’Connell — a comrade of mine, committed anti-Zionist, anti-Jewish-supremacist activist and Australian political prisoner — explained to me that the state of affairs in Australia’s Indigenous community, with drug addiction, particularly crystal meth, alcoholism, sexual abuse, violence, short life expectancy and criminal activity all running rampant, is abysmal to say the very least, much like America’s Indigenous (Pnaci) community. Brother Brendon further noted to me that whenever there is a revolutionary voice that emerges, the Australian intelligence services move to silence those screams against injustice before they begin to have any impact, in a manner that resembles what the FBI did to the Black Panthers via its murderous, subversive and destructive COINTELPRO. Mining companies connected with the genocidal Australian regime and World Zionism continue stealing Aborigine land and due to the lack of understanding in the Indigenous community about geopolitics and the Jewish Power Configuration’s nature and methods, it seems like nothing is getting done to counteract the oppression. Hence why Abbott, up to his neck in pro-“Israel” money, can make such hideous statements with no qualms whatsoever, because he and his Halakhic masters know that after a bit of outrage and maybe a protest here and there, everything will go quiet and the status quo will remain perfectly intact. This must change, and it must change now. ~ Jonathan Azaziah)

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has caused an explosion of anger online after stating that before colonization in 1788, the country was “nothing except the bushes” – apparently forgetting about the country’s indigenous peoples.

“As we look around this glorious city, as we see the extraordinary development, it’s hard to think that back in 1788 it was nothing but bush and that marines and convicts and sailors…must have thought they’d come almost to the Moon,” he said at a breakfast meeting with British Prime Minister David Cameron in Sydney.

“Everything would have seemed so extraordinarily basic and raw,” he said.

On Friday, Aboriginal G20 protesters collected together to protest Aboriginal fatalities in police custody.

One protestor told Buzzfeed: “He’s kidding right, doesn’t he realize how much that offends us?”

“Abbott’s attitudes are the kind of crap that lead to the situation we’ve got at the moment. You’ve just seen why we are here today,” another said.

Social media expressed disbelief at his apparent ability to forget the country’s aboriginal history. “Wow just wow,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Tony Abbott’s ‘nothing but bush’ comments appear illustrative of the value he places both on Indigenous rights & on the environment,” another wrote.

“Our Prime Minister just wrote rewrote Australian history,” said a third.

This is not the first time that Abbott has made such comments. In August, while launching a project on the 100 Defining Moments in Australian History at the National Museum of Australia, Abbott stated that “the arrival of the First Fleet was the defining moment in the history of this continent.”

“It was the moment this continent became part of the modern world,” Abbott said.

In response to Abbott’s comment, the chair of the PM’s advisory panel, Warren Mundine, said at the time: “It was also a disastrous defining moment for Indigenous people.”

Since 1788, there has been a severe population decline. The forcible removal of Aboriginal children from their parents at various points has since led to the coining of the term “Stolen Generations.”

The fate of the Aboriginal population in Australia has prompted scholars such as Dirk Moses to explore the topic within the framework of genocide studies.

Source: Russia Today

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