Nine Months Since Zaria Massacre, We Ask: Where Are The 50 Nigerian Shi’a Women Abducted By Buhari’s Army?

by Jonathan Azaziah

Nine months! Nine months now! A brutal nine months have passed since the tyrannical Buhari regime carried out the inhuman Zaria Massacre and unjustly locked up Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky, the saintly and knightly founder and leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN), for no other “crime” than being a revolutionary incapable of holding his tongue on injustices committed against the Palestinian, Syrian, Iraqi, Yemeni and Bahraini peoples by the US-‘Israeli’ Empire, and still the deafening, atrocious, infuriating silence from so-called “Muslim Solidarity” activists and “human rights” organizations persists. In light of this horrific indifference, it is time we raise our voices about perhaps the darkest aspect of this atrocity–as if the wanton slaughter of hundreds (possibly thousands) of Nigerian Shi’a and the Zionist-style bulldozing of the Husseiniyah Baqiyatullah weren’t dark enough–and shed beaming sunlight, moonlight and starlight upon its ugly head: The 50 young Nigerian Shi’a women abducted by Buhari’s cowardly, ‘Israeli’-trained, Saudi-funded, US-backed military. Where are these sisters and what the hell are the Nigerian regime’s goons doing to them?! We quiver at the mere thought.

Notice that the colonial feminists, who normally never miss a beat when it comes to exploiting the suffering of Black and Brown females in the Global South, have taken a powder on the Zaria Massacre and the unspeakable violence–including rape–inflicted on the women of the IMN. Peep the conspicuous absence of all the “leftist” White and Jewish “savior” types on the payroll of the Sorosite NGO-Human-Rights-Industrial-Complex who couldn’t be bothered to even issue a tweet or an Instagram picture about Sheikh Zakzaky, let alone a full-scale social media campaign. And on that note, isn’t it grand that the US Imperialist-In-Chief’s wife, Michelle Obama, ridiculously adored by so many Muslim and African-American sellouts and lemmings, is also completely out-to-lunch on the missing 50 Nigerian Shi’a girls? But it was Mrs. Obama who was at the very heart of the “Bring Back Our Girls” fiasco, was she not? So what is the difference between the “276 missing schoolgirls” from the Borno State town of Chibok and the viciously kidnapped sisters of the IMN and why are the aforementioned individuals speaking about one but not the other? Very simple: The former is a US-Zionist-manufactured saga designed to justify heightened US militarism not only in Nigeria but Africa as a whole, while the latter is an actual act of incomparable barbarity committed by an American ally, thus making it off-limits to criticize in mainstream spheres… According to the official rules of the Yahoudling-Owned Corporate Media Metanarrative.

From day one of the Chibok event, the fingerprints of International Zionism were easy to pick up on. From the photo of the US ZOG’s First Lady holding up the famous “Bring Back Our Girls” hashtag sign which went viral in a blatantly contrived Zionist mass press disinformation blitz, to ‘Israeli’ filth Rita Katz’s SITE and Ben Venzke’s Intel Center putting out videos of Boko Haram’s alleged “capture” of the girls along with subsequent calls from these two Mossad-Aman havens for American intervention, to ‘Israel’ sending its occupation army to “assist” in the “counter-abduction” operation, and then the kicker, Mossad-CIA-MI6-linked Takfiri terrorist groups LIFG and AQIM declaring that they not only helped kidnap the Chibok girls (and others), but also provided arms to Boko Haram, which, for the record, was sired by Moshe Ram, the shadowy ‘Israeli’ Mossadnik ex-ambassador to Nigeria.

Since this sideshow, not only has ‘Israel’ poured forces into Nigeria–there are even rumors that ‘Israeli’ death squad officers participated in the Zaria Massacre–but so has AFRICOM. The very concept of an American military command in Africa mind you was conceived by none other than the Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies (IASPS), the same ‘Israeli’ think tank that produced the notorious “Clean Break” papers. As for the Chibok girls, to call their current status fishy–as in Gefilte fishy–would be an understatement. Some reports say they fled Boko Haram’s custody within weeks of being taken; other reports say some fled, some died and some remain captive; and some alternative media analysts say, with increasingly large amounts of evidence due to the Hollywoodist nature of the Katz/Venzke videos, that the girls never existed at all and every bit of this was just a PSYOP to open a backdoor that the usurping Zionist entity and its American attack dog could sneak through to deepen their hegemony on the continent.

The missing IMN girls of Zaria on the other hand, most of whom are bright undergraduates of Nigeria’s highest learning institutions and represent their nation’s future in important fields like law, political science and medicine, have REALLY been violated, have REALLY been abducted and are in REAL danger. The fate of these sisters is also tied to 705 other persons of the IMN who remain missing with zero explanation from the Buhari regime, not to mention Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky himself as well as his wife, both of whom are in terrible health due to the conditions of the dungeons they’re being kept in. Zionist-Imperialist coverage is not required, nor is it even welcomed, and pointing out the lack thereof is not meant to light some sort of fire underneath these oppressors and force them to produce a story about Zakzaky and the missing IMN sisters; not even close. Rather, it is meant to set ablaze a conflagration underneath those who are waxing lyrical about defending the Moustazefeen but failing miserably to come to the aid of a people who truly are among the most oppressed, most forgotten on Earth. If you defend Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Bahrain like Sheikh Zakzaky does, then speak up for the Sheikh, his martyred sons, his imprisoned wife, his wounded daughters, his massacred followers and missing partisans, specifically the 50 disappeared IMN young women, as they too are victims of the Zio-Empire. For if you don’t, “hypocrite” is what will be branded across your forehead for the remainder of your days. Hypocrite undoubtedly, as silence and apathy are complicity.

From this moment forward, we cannot shout “Free Zakzaky!” without mentioning the missing IMN girls also. The two are inextricably linked and the torment of both the sisters and the Sheikh lie solely at the feet of Washington, “Tel Aviv”, Riyadh and their stooge in Abuja who dares call himself a Muslim. In conclusion, there cannot be justice for one without the other; nor can there be liberation for one without the other. Free Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky now is what we chant! FREE THE 50 KIDNAPPED SISTERS OF THE IMN NOW is what we scream! To the gallows with the “democratic” despot Buhari and his generals! And lastly, but most certainly not least, DEATH to the Zionist Imperium that sanctioned this eliminationist scheme against the Islamic Movement of Nigeria and the Zakzaky family to begin with! #FreeZakzaky #LongLiveZakzaky #BringBackThe50IMNGirls #BringBackOurZariaGirls


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