Nigeria Cancels Military Training with US

(EDITOR’S NOTE: One would think that Mouqawamah Music would be jumping for joy in the wake of this development but all that glitters is not gold and appearances can be deceiving. Even if there is a spat between the Goodluck Jonathan regime and Washington, the former’s ties with the usurping Zionist entity are very much intact, hence why it has undertaken the task to assassinate Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky — La Samah ALLAH, God forbid — at the criminal Talmudic enclave’s behest. On top of that, long before this particular incident, the Nigerian state allowed the Mossad and the CIA into its military-intelligence establishment for the purpose of training its security services. It was right around this time that car bombs began going off in various parts of Nigeria, with the blame being placed on “Boko Haram”, which Nigerians themselves say is nothing but a pretext that Goodluck Jonathan is using to obtain security grants from The West. This shadowy CIA-Mossad-Takfiri nexus in Nigeria, as one would expect, is being run by none other than Moshe Ram, the usurping Zionist entity’s Ambassador to Nigeria. Until ties with the illegitimate Jewish gangster “state” are cut, all “Israeli” and CIA personnel are expelled and the Nigerian security services become sovereign again, the instability in Nigeria will continue, whether it is at the hands of “Boko Haram” or some other mysterious terrorist proxy of the Jewish Imperium which seeks to dominate every inch of the African continent. ~ Jonathan Azaziah)

TEHRAN (FNA)- The US embassy in Abuja said Nigeria has asked the United States to discontinue military training for its army.

“At the request of the Nigerian government, the United States will discontinue its training of a Nigerian Army battalion,” the embassy said in the statement, World Bulletin reported.

The statement said that Nigeria has given no particular reason for discontinuing the program.

The US embassy regretted the cancellation of the military training, saying it would have been a boost in the battle against insurgency.

“Based on mutual assessment of the Nigerian Army and US trainers, a third iteration of training was agreed upon with the intent of developing the battalion into a unit with advanced infantry skills,” the statement said.

American officials have repeatedly angered Nigeria in their criticism of its human rights record.

Two weeks ago, the Nigerian envoy to Washington criticized the US for frustrating the country’s counterterrorism campaign by refusing to sell required arms to Nigeria.

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