New “Terrorist Attack” In London Is A Blatant Mossad-MI5 False Flag Operation

by Jonathan Azaziah

If you think that “Muslims” perpetrated the attack on London Bridge tonight, you are… Undoubtedly… Most certainly… 100% certifiably… A moron of unparalleled rank. I mean, I’m talking you’re so stupid that you make all the braindead halfwits who have lived throughout the last 40 centuries look like Nikola Tesla. It’s absolutely REMARKABLE how blatant this false flag is and yet… The asininity of the “blame the Muslims” crowd is even more remarkable ever-still. What DIDN’T give away the fingerprints of Shlomo this time around? It all stinks to high-hell–worse than pickled onions and gefilte fish covering a rabbinical pedophile’s corpse!

We have a classic “THIS IS FOR ALLAH!” soundbite, just a slight variation on the usual “ALLAHU AKBAR!” clip that comes with these pesky “Islamo-fascist terrorist” types. We have the domestic pretext–shoring up Theresa May’s Maggie Thatcher 2.0 reign because Corbyn, as pathetic as he is and as much as he has caved to placate the liberal-imperialist base of Labour, just isn’t trusted by the REAL rulers of the UK like May is. We have the international pretext–using increased “Islamo-fascist terror” at home as an excuse to bomb plenty of “Muslamics” in already-occupied Afghanistan, Syria, Libya and Yemen, where the British ZOG is helping Saudi Arabia implement siege, famine and bio-warfare against millions of innocents. And then there’s my personal favorite signature of Shlomo: The seemingly omnipresent Mossadnik Rita Katz, whose SITE Intelligence Group was able to SHOCKINGLY REVEAL that ISIS supporters were celebrating the London Bridge chaos before 10 Downing Street even made it official that it was terrorism! Only thing that’s missing really is a couple mystical passports, some cocaine and a handful of strippers and we’d have ourselves a regular lil’ mini-9/11!

This isn’t “Islamism” waging war on the West–you damn imbeciles–it’s the West, as the preferred shabbos “goy” proxy of World Zionism, waging war on Islam, exactly like it’s been doing since Mossad knocked the Twin Towers down. This wasn’t “blowback”. It was an intelligence operation executed to further this war, which the baby-killer Netanyahu said will last for 100 years, as well as part and parcel of the Yahoudling stratagem to get White Westerners to hate Islam so viscerally that they continue to willingly go fight and die in Zion’s expansionist aggressions.

This was Shlomo aka ‘Israel’. This was Mossad working hand-in-glove with its partners in MI5. This was Zio-Gladio. And the only ones who are REALLY going to suffer as a result of it are British Muslims, who are more surveilled and repressed already than Muslims under any other Western regime including the United Snakes of IsraHELL. As for the alleged victims? Don’t expect me to get all puffy-eyed when there have been ungodly terrorist attacks in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan over the past week–all of which the British ZOG is complicit in–and the total number of Brits who gave a damn let alone protested is less than ZILCH. We’re supposed to be Muhammadi-Husseini revolutionaries. Not crybaby muffin-cakes looking to please the Jews and garner parasitic liberal support for our struggle. Understood? Striking Star Solidarity with all my Deen’ed up fam in the belly of the British-Yiddish beast.

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