New Horror In Iraq: Mossad/P2OG Truck Bomb Kills Scores In Baghdad Veggie Market

by Jonathan Azaziah

So sick of this. Another day, another murderous blast in Iraq. At least 25 civilians were slaughtered and dozens of others were badly hurt when a gigantic truck bomb went off in the Rashidiyah neighborhood of Baghdad. Not even remotely coincidental that this attack occurs simultaneously with the deployment of 560 more American ZOG forces onto our soil. While the suicide attacks are coordinated by the Wahhabi Kingdom of Darkness and going back to 2003, AT LEAST 60% of all suicide bombers in Iraq were/are Saudi, there are plenty of other bombings in Iraq devoid of suicidal Takfiris and it is these sophisticated explosions that are carried out by Mossad and/or P2OG, the neocon-created false flag terrorism agency which never left our midst. P2OG–the bastard “chosenite” lovechild of genocidal, warmongering Zionist Jews William Schneider, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Douglas Feith and OSP chief Abram Shulsky–is a literal fitnah-production machine and it not only has its own operatives, but also agents within the US army, the DIA and the CIA who use these “traditional” military institutions as covers for the Yinon/Clean Break/PNAC destabilization agenda they’re attempting to implement.

There is zero doubt in my mind that today’s carnage, in which we saw men, women and children blown to bits as they were out and about in a vegetable market, was made in the good ol’ United Snakes of IsraHELL. But because our men are so busy fighting off Daesh, the American-Zionist Empire’s tool, in every nook and cranny, thwarting direct plots and aggressions from Washington has become another fight entirely. And make no mistake, ISIS is not the begin-all-end-all of our struggle, nor is Al-Saud, but the White House and the artificial Jewish supremacist entity putrefying Palestine. Thus, there has to be a strategic readjustment. As Iraqi Popular Mobilization Commander Hadi al-Ameri said today, “The Iraqi people refuse to replace ISIS with the Americans. Our decision is a simple one: Iraq is neither a place for ISIS nor for the US.” Indeed.

Our ancient land will never know salaam or stability, let alone sovereignty or independence, so long as the American slaves of ‘Israel’ are operating on Iraqi territory under the guise of “fighting terrorism”. Amreeka MUST go; it MUST. And it must go NOW. How many more Mossad-P2OG-Takfiri bombs need to detonate in shopping centers, mosques, shrines and restaurants before this is understood? HOW MANY GODDAMN MORE?! May ALLAH (SWT) grant all of my beloved martyred countrymen Jannah and may He (SWT) grant all of our enemies the most excruciating pain in Al-Naar. #LongLiveIraq #DeathToShaytanAlAkbar

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  1. The United States of IsraHELL is responsible for all the killings and bombings in the ME. Its been a MOSSAD operation for many years. ISIS, Al Nushra etc,,, are a creation of the MOSSAD/CIA.

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