New Age Contras: Venezuelan Oppositionists Display ‘Israeli’ Flag At Coup Rally, Confirming Further They’re Dogs Of Shlomo

by Jonathan Azaziah

It was more than evident how collaborationist and servile the fake, illegitimate, Empire-recognized-and-Empire-recognized alone, gusano-golpista coup regime of Juan Guaido was when the putsch chieftain was playing verbal footsie with bonafide and certified war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu on Holobollocks Memorial Day. Looks like his merry band of traitors wanted to escalate and elevate though and they did so by shamelessly displaying the usurping Zionist entity’s accursed flag on a damn jumbotron in Punto Fijo, the northern Falcon State’s largest city. Flags and symbols of the American ZOG were also featured. If you were still somehow idiotically on the fence about whether or not the Guaido gang were dogs of Shlomo and the Zio-Yankees before, you should be off it now.

As the “Zion’s Tools and Proud!” proclamation got plastered from East to West, the hasbara increased on the global front too. Annika Hernroth-Rothstein, a Swedish Jewess who just so happened to arrive in Venezuela smack dab in the middle of the Guaido-Netanyahu love affair, is on a rampage about “Chavista death squads” and Guaido being Venezuela’s Obama. She’s spreading “humanitarian” interventionist swill about kids getting their food out of dumpsters while praising the US-‘Israeli’-backed seditionists for how well-organized they are. It should come as no surprise that before she was in Caracas for this “assignment”, she was in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Is she Mossad? We wouldn’t be surprised. And speaking of the Islamic Republic, it has now come out, as expected, that the prime reason ‘Israel’ is engaged in the destabilization of Venezuela is to cut off Iran and the Lebanese Islamic Resistance of Hizbullah from their main Latin American ally. The weakening of Russia is also on the agenda. And this comes not from any wonky “anti-Semitic” analysis site, but from the Jerusalem Institute for Strategic Studies and Hebrew University’s Department of International Relations, two preeminent wings of the ‘Israeli’ policymaking establishment. From the Arab-Islamic world to the lands of Bolivar, ‘Israel’ is on a quest to punish the Islamic Revolution.

Without hesitation, we can say that what we’re dealing with are the Contras of the 21st century. As bad as Iraq’s Ahmad Chalabi and company, Lebanon’s March 14 and Iran’s Green Movement. Traitors beyond traitors. There is nothing “organic” about them. Nothing “natural”. They’re not “popular”. They have no “legitimacy” nor “authority”. Regardless of what’s said to the opposite of these truths, be it by the likes of pseudo-journos like Annika Hernroth-Rothstein or neocon maniacs like Abrams, Bolton and Mandelker, these worms do not represent the Venezuelan people. They represent the Judaic Imperium. The struggle against their perversity rages, as do our prayers for the defense and preservation of El Comandante Chavez’s Bolivarian Revolution in the face of Earth’s Most Evil.

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