Nasrallah’s Words On Resistance and Liberation Day Are Like Water To The Thirsty

by Jonathan Azaziah

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s words are like oxygen to a drowning man; like water to the thirsty; like the most nutritious, most delicious food to the hungry; like awareness to the previously unaware; like sound to the formerly deaf; like sight to the formerly blind; like the ability to speak manifesting in the vocal chords and on the tongues of the formerly dumb; like the sensation of running to the formerly disabled; like flight to those who spent their entire lives grounded; like love entering the hearts of those who never knew it to be possible; like martyrdom to the moujahid striving to make the ultimate sacrifice; like victorious resistance to the enemy on the harshest battlefields; like light illuminating caves, cracks and crevices that only knew darkness.

Listening to the Sayyed on Resistance and Liberation Day was hope; pure, golden hope. When he spoke of Palestine, that Hizbullah driving the ‘Israelis’ out of Lebanon opened the “door of hope” to Palestine and that “our Palestinian brethren saw that the enemy which practices humiliation can be humiliated and beaten”, I smiled a smile that could put a giant Cheshire Cat to shame. When he reminded us all that the liberation of Lebanon brought forth the Second Intifada–Nasrallah called it the Aqsa Intifada as it was the genocidal maniac Ariel Sharon’s criminal visit to holy Al-Aqsa that triggered the epic, historical “shaking off”–and the liberation of Gaza, I smiled a smile bigger than the moon at its fullest. And when Sayyed Abou Hadi promised the elimination of the illegitimate Zionist entity and vowed that “we will return to Palestine!”, admittedly, I teared up just a bit; totally wrapped up in the moment and overcome by joy. Because in this “era of Arab betrayal, Arab abandonment and Arab invention of artificial enemies”, to quote Nasrallah’s gorgeousness today once more, there isn’t a soul truly standing up for Palestine, the Palestinian people and the Palestinian cause other than Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, the Lebanese Islamic Resistance he leads and the Resistance Axis. The whole world and the traitorous “Arabs” most prominently have abandoned Palestine, but Hizbullah and its brotherly partners never shall, the Sayyed shouted.

And on Resistance and Liberation Day 2016, that’s exactly what we needed to hear, because it is the exact goal we all must strive to achieve. Verily, nothing is more reassuring than the Sayyed’s commitment to Palestine. For all the Takfiri barbarism and Saudi depravity in the world will never change or distract us from this most simple truth: Palestine is our compass, Palestine is our heart, Palestine is our soul and Palestine is our everything, and nothing will ever be right or at peace in our region until ‘Israel’ vanishes and Palestine is completely liberated from the River to the Sea, just like Lebanon was on that unforgettable 25th day of May in 2000.

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