Nail In The Collaborator’s Coffin: Linda Sarsour Told Jewish Groups She’d Silence Talk Of Palestine At The #WomensMarch

by Jonathan Azaziah

And the sickening Sarsour saga continues. Anyone defending her, anyone feeling even a drop of sympathy for her, really needs to step the hell back and take a look at the full 360-degree picture. After this, there cannot be anymore excuses. She’s trash. She’s poison. She’s filth and her obnoxious personal ambition to emerge as Organized Jewish Interests’ top token “revolutionary Arab-Muslim activist” has dangerously led her into the heart of the Anti-Zionist struggle. She ain’t here for liberation though, nor justice of any kind but to co-opt our narrative and force the ultra-liberal, regime-change-laced agenda of her masters down our throats. Let’s get to it. Here’s the nail in this collaborationist, opportunistic hypocrite’s coffin: Lies On Loop Linda gave an interview to the artificial ‘Israeli’ regime newspaper Haaretz, a violation of even the most basic boycott guidelines–not the guidelines of the mainstream, liberal, Judaized “BDS” movement which has long been toothless and pathetic, but the Arab-Islamic boycott that has been in place against the entity since the Nakba– as it recognizes the occupation regime and its mouthpieces as legitimate, and told these “journalists” (who squat on land which doesn’t belong to them) that she assured Jewish leaders that she would keep Palestine out of the Soros-funded abomination known as the #WomensMarch.

Sarsour The Thought Policewoman proclaimed that Jews are some of her biggest supporters and noted that she worked with the National Council of Jewish Women and Rabbi Brous of powerful LA-based Zionist organization Ikar for the event. She told the “good rebbe” that she wanted a strong Jewish voice and a leader who had a deep relationship with the cancerous Zionist regime to be present to reflect the “diversity” of this burgeoning (fake) “movement”, this nascent (faker) “resistance”. Con Artist Linda also told Haaretz that she wants a “one state solution”–the biggest scam of all as it will preserve the ‘Israeli’ thieves’ presence in the Holy Land and leave the criminal Talmudic-Halakhic settlement infrastructure intact–for Palestine and “one man, one vote” to ensure “that part of the world is a true democracy.”

Really? “That part of the world”, she says. Who knew that in addition to being a collaborator, a Takfiri-sympathizer and a Saudi-regime-shill, Sarsour the “unapologetic Muslim activist” is an Orientalist too! Newsflash to this cockroach: There already ****IS**** democracy in our region, in the Syrian Arab Republic… You know… the country Sarsour’s been propagandizing against on NATO’s behalf in the name of a manufactured “revolution” for years. Dr. Bashar al-Assad was democratically elected with nearly 90% of the vote in June 2014, with Syrian refugees the world over heading to the Syrian embassies in their countries of asylum to cast their vote. If people were allowed to vote in the terrorist-occupied areas of Syria, the numbers would have been even higher. And perhaps there’d be even more democracies in our region if the US ZOG wasn’t so busy upholding the GCC regimes led by Saudi Arabia… You know… the misogynistic, baby-maiming, child-starving Wahhabi tyranny that Sarsour defends for its wonderful, commendable, progressive women’s rights record. Is anyone vomiting in their mouth yet? Just a bit? I know I am.

So Sarsour, a “champion” of the Palestinian cause, went out of her merry way to silence any talk of Palestine at this degenerate #WomensMarch just to please some Jews, but as an Arab-Muslim woman (and a hijabi no less) with some ostensible semblance of modesty and dignity, had zero, ABSOLUTELY ZERO issue with women dressing up as vaginas and children being forced to wear cardboard signs engraved with sexual vulgarity? Repulsive doesn’t do justice to how odious all of this is. And herein lies the problem with mainstream “Palestine Solidarity” and “Muslim civil rights” activism. Instead of worrying about the actual roots of the issues, i.e. driving the Jewish invaders who have been raping Palestine for the last seven decades out of the land and exposing the symbiotic relationship between the Jews who fund Islamophobia on the one hand as well as the ‘Israeli’ Jews arming and providing medical aid to the Takfiri terrorists who derive their ideology from Saudi Arabia on the other, these “activists” are worried about tip-toeing through the Chabadnik-approved tulips and walking on kosher eggshells as an insurance policy for Jews who may have their feelings hurt.

Mind you, this applies to both Zionist Jews and supposedly “Anti-Zionist” Jews who aren’t Anti-Zionist at all but rather are fully concerned with preserving the existence of the malignant growth called ‘Israel’ because they don’t want their “chosenite” family members and friends kicked off territory that they think “God” gave to them. Sarsour is facilitating this lunacy with her appeasement of Zionist groups posing as friends of Muslims when they’re nothing of the sort. Imagine if the Indonesian, Mozambican, Vietnamese and Algerian liberation movements put the sensitivities of their colonialist oppressors before the aims of their respective peoples. If this were indeed the case, none of these states would be free and the world be an entirely different place today.

Thus, why should Palestine be the sole colonized land where the usurpers dictate what is acceptable discourse and what isn’t? Simply put, it shouldn’t. Jews are not special. Jews are not “chosen”. Jews do not have any say whatsoever in how Arabs and Muslims talk about liberating a land that doesn’t belong to Jews, has never belonged to Jews and will never belong to Jews no matter how many hideous colonies they build, how much history of ours they try to erase and how many “Holocaust” stories they sell to guilt-trip Earth’s Gentiles into tolerating their entity. Palestine is our compass, our heart and our fire. And nobody, especially not the cockroach Linda Sarsour, can ever take that away from us. She should get back to doing what she does best and kiss the feet of a few more Zionist Jews and Saudi tyrants… Leave the fight to free Falasteen from the River to the Sea and the struggle to awaken humanity from its Judaic-induced mental coma to those of us who actually want to defeat The Monsters and liquidate their Dajjalic system.

3 thoughts on “Nail In The Collaborator’s Coffin: Linda Sarsour Told Jewish Groups She’d Silence Talk Of Palestine At The #WomensMarch”

  1. Brilliant Dr. Azaziah, and true 100%. Sad to consider however is the depressingly high percentage of pro-Palestinian individuals who will fall for this cheap trick wearing the outward garb of Palestinian freedom, not realizing for a second how her associating with degenerates and baby killers denigrates the sanctity of the Palestinian cause in particular, and the Gentile liberation cause in general. Truly these types are more dangerous to our futures than IDF thugs strutting around with their American-made/American-gifted M-16’s and nukes.

  2. Linda Cockroach has already been inspected and certified glatt kosher by AIPAC. She needs a sticker on her forhead.

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