“Muslim Solidarity” Activists MIA As Daesh Massacres Shi’a Hazaras in Afghanistan Today

Afghanistan, like Yemen, Sheikh Zakzaky of Nigeria and occupied Kashmir, has been forgotten by “The Ummah”. That’s why MossadDaesh can carry out twin suicide attacks on a gathering of Shi’a Hazaras in Kabul’s Deh Mazang Square, murder at least 80 innocents and wound over 230 more, and nothing but chirping crickets can be heard in those usually ever-vocal “anti-Islamohobia” and “Muslim solidarity” activist circles.

You know EXACTLY who these House Muslim, House Arab, Uncle Habib types are: Those who were on the White House lawn clamoring for Obama to annihilate Libya, but who ain’t got a word for AT THE BARE MINIMUM 1 million Afghanis martyred by genocidal NATO over the last 16 years; those who were camped out on 10 Downing Street’s steps begging for more British support to the terrorists destroying Syria, but who ain’t EVER gon’ make a peep about Mossad agent Yosef A. Maiman’s Merhav Group pillaging Afghanistan’s rich mineral wealth and other natural resources; those who sheepishly defended Rothschild-controlled rag Charlie Hebdo after the false flag but who ain’t EVER gon’ say a thing about Mossad and CIA protecting the Afghani poppy fields so the Red Mafiya (“Russian”-Jewish Global Organized Crime) can cultivate the purest heroin; those who will cry rivers of tears for Qatari-financed, US-armed “Muslim” Brotherhood (Al-Islah) operatives smashed to bits by Ansarullah in Yemen, but who feign ignorance like cowards about Tamir Pardo, the former Mossad director, admitting that ‘Israel’ keeps death squads on Afghani soil to hunt down resistance fighters defending their lands against Judeo-Atlanticist terror; those cowards who will shine a light on something totally irrelevant like Billy Bob Worthington-Porkshire-Wentworth in CrackerMcCracker, Arkansas wearing an “I Don’t Like Muslims” t-shirt, but who avoid the evil that Takfirism and the Khaleejis funding it have brought to Afghanistan like the plague.

For four decades now, from the ‘Israeli’-American-Saudi creation of Al-Qaeda to the Zio-NATO occupation, Afghanistan has bled profusely from what seems like an infinite number of wounds, and “The Ummah”, has failed immensely to speak on its behalf. Is it fear of NATO and ‘Israel’ that is crippling these self-proclaimed “Champions of the Deen” into quiet-as-a-mosque-mouse-mode, when they should only be fearing ALLAH (SWT)? Absolutely. But it is also because Al-Saud looms over them with a blade to their throat ready to behead them as it did to Ayatollah Nimr al-Nimr (R.A.), the Lion of Qatif. The Saudi regime, which built the biggest Afghani masjid, is one of the primary funders of Afghanistan’s “reconstruction” and has obscene pull at all levels throughout the country, mothered the Takfiri terrorists that murdered the Shi’a Hazaras today–an extension of not only the genocide inflicted on Afghanistan’s Shi’a community specifically, but ALL Afghan Muslims who are targeted by the Wahhabi-Takfiri menance regardless of their background–and also keeps those aforementioned “Champions of the Deen” who SHOULD be organizing protests against the massacre on a short leash. The Wahhabi Kingdom of Darkness is just as culpable as the Zionists and the Imperialists and is in fact part and parcel of the scheme to keep the Afghan people in chains, dominate Central Asia and ultimately, to infiltrate, destabilize and overthrow Putin’s Russia.

For once, I do not have any words of hope and optimism. I only have my head bowed in disgust and my fist raised in fury. At NATO. At ‘Israel’. At Al-Saud. At these demented Takfiris who despicably refer to themselves as “Muslims”. And at “The Ummah” which maintains nothing less than deliberate aloofness vis-Ă -vis Afghanistan and every drop of nightmarish carnage that has befallen its people. May the Afghanis martyred today be gifted with eternal salaam and may ALLAH (SWT) destroy their killers with a wrath not seen since the people of ‘Ad failed to adhere to the warnings of Prophet Hud (A.S.)

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