Muslim Clerics Gather In Beirut To Form Int’l Union of Resistance

Muslim clerics have gathered from all around the globe in the Lebanese capital Beirut to form a unified resistance front in the face of threats posed by the Israeli regime in the region, Press TV reports.

A number of Islamic scholars and thinkers, both Sunni and Shia have met together in the Lebanese capital Beirut to discuss the various aspects of unity especially behind liberation movements in the region.


The general agreement was that they must all unite under the aegis of Islam. The International Union of Resistance clerics is an offshoot of the International Conference of the Islamic World Scholars in Support of the Resistance which was held in Tehran. Establishing the union in Beirut is considered very significant Lebanese resistance plays a major role in the movement.

Head of the “World Assembly for Rapprochement among Islamic sects” Ayatollah Sheikh Mohsen al-Araki, and Mufti of Syria Ahmad Badreddine Hassoun also attended the meeting. Sheikh Hassoun stressed that what is happening today in Syria is real jihad or holy fighting against the true oppressors. It is also the same against Israel which continues with its aggressive policies against the unarmed Palestinians.

This conference is seen as significant in reestablishing the role of religious figures in supporting the resistance. Clerics here have criticized some individuals in the Muslim world who use their positions to target the resistance. They’ve therefore stressed that the need for a unified stance behind the resistance movements whether in Lebanon or Palestine is a must.

Religious scholars from every corner of the Islamic world, including Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Egypt, Senegal, Malaysia, and Tunisia, gathered for the one-day event on Tuesday to found the International Union of Resistance.

“This is an advance step in extending more support to the resistance, which is facing Israel, the US and the Takfiris all at once. Although the focus is always on liberating Palestine and al-Quds, this union brings together the biggest number of clerics in the Muslim world,” one of the clerics participating at the event told the Press TV correspondent in Beirut.

Another cleric said, “Meeting in the capital of resistance, Beirut, our brothers here have agreed that we are in a critical phase and there are two ideologies which can never meet: that of surrender and that of resistance. And through this union we seek to establish a new phase to put our hands together and put issues on the right path.”

The meeting was chaired by Ayatollah Mohsen Araki, the secretary general of the World Assembly for Rapprochement Among Islamic Sects.

Sources: Press TV and Press TV


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