Murderous Zionist Enemy Strikes Syrian Arab Army To Pave The Way For Takfiris In Baath City

by Jonathan Azaziah

This is why there were tens of millions people all over the world chanting “Death to Israel!” and burning the Zionist enemy’s accursed flag for International Al-Quds Day: The criminal ‘Israeli’ Air Force has bombed the Syrian Arab Army near Baath City in the Golan Heights’ Quneitra. At least two Syrian soldiers have been martyred–may they be granted Jannah–two Syrian tanks were struck and a Shilka anti-aircraft weapons system was destroyed. ‘Israel’ launched the raid as the Takfiri terrorist slime unleashed a gargantuan offensive to take Baath City, upend “Assad rule” on the Syrian-controlled side of Al-Jaulan and assist their “chosenite” masters in implementing total illegal dominion over the strategic, resource-rich territory. Syrian military intelligence didn’t mince words about the Wahhabi goons’ assault, saying that the ‘Israeli’ barbarians coordinated it from top to bottom and were aggressively operating in Syrian skies in hopes of shooting down warplanes of the Syrian Arab Air Force as a means of triggering a wider war. Syrian forces, including the Hizbullah-trained NDF, remain on high alert.

Lest we forget that this attack was only possible because Trump the Tangerine Terrorist bombed Al-Shayrat Airbase in Homs back in April, destroying a key Syrian air-defense battery that had been shooting down Zionist fighter jets and drones for months. And lest we also forget that the alliance of the usurping Jewish supremacist tumor and Al-Qaeda is in full effect and on full display. Nothing even resembling an operation of the shadows anymore.

Still though, “Arab Springers” maintain there is and was an actual “revolution” in Syria. Still though, “Arab Springers” despicably pretend that the Zionist role in destabilizing Syria is a minimal one when it is in fact the dominant one. Still though, “Arab Springers” make all of us out to be “anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists” when we EXPOSE the extensive military, intelligence, political, financial and logistical ties that exist between ‘Israel’ the Khawarij. Let the blood of the Syrian soldiers taken away from their families today by the murderous ‘Israeli’ entity and its Jabhat al-Nusra rats drown the disgusting “Arab Springers” in shame. Condemnations of these spineless traitors will be shouted from the rooftops long after the Syrian Arab Republic finally triumphs over this ZIONIST-ORCHESTRATED scheme.

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