Muhammad Ali al-Houthi: A Yemeni Lion Who No Western Leader Can Measure Up To

by Jonathan Azaziah

Senior Ansarullah Commander Muhammad Ali al-Houthi is a blessing and the very embodiment of humbleness. Here we have a man who spent his entire life on the battlefield protecting his brethren from regime repression in northern Yemen, playing a major tactical and organizational role in every victory achieved by Ansarullah in the six wars with the dictatorship between 2004 and 2010, not to mention the routing of US-Saudi-backed Al-Islah (the Yemeni chapter of the “Muslim” Brotherhood) in the summer of 2014, but when asked to lead the Yemeni Revolutionary Committee–a transitional, post-revolution political body–because of his brilliant strategic mind and keen ability to analyze critical geopolitical situations, he accepted the role in spite of how much it pained him to leave his brothers still engaged in firefights all over the nation. Subsequently, after guiding the Yemeni people and their Resistance through an 18-month period of instability and then of course the Saudi-imposed aggression, he willfully and gracefully steps down from his post as de facto ruler of Yemen, thus ceding power to the newly, democratically formed Supreme Political Council which will govern Yemen’s affairs from this point forward. And what does the man do after that? He returns to the front lines of the struggle, once again putting his life on the line to safeguard his people from the Wahhabi Kingdom of Darkness. Verily, that kind of selflessness is rarer than alexandrite; that kind of love of country blings brighter than even the most splendiferous Yemeni Agate.

Name a single Western leader with such humility, one who literally, not metaphorically or theoretically, but LITERALLY would do anything his nation and his people required of him. Name a single Western leader with such courage, one who lives to fight; one who would happily make the ultimate sacrifice in defense of what is most precious to him and his countrymen… THEIR LAND, that which their ancestors shed blood and forged their greatness upon. And yet it is these very same hypocritical leaders of these very same arrogant powers, these Imperialist states which portray themselves as “guardians of democracy” and “champions of freedom”, who think that they–bonafide blockheads, in the pay of transnational corporations and Zionist bankers, born with silver, six-pointed-star-encrusted spoons in their mouths that have no bleeding idea what suffering is–can dictate to Muhammad Ali al-Houthi–a warrior survivor of torture at the hands of both the US-‘Israeli’-owned Saleh regime and its monarchical Jordanian counterpart–and the Yemeni people about what their future should look like. Needless to say, such dictations have fallen on deaf ears. Because Ansarullah and its dauntless commanders kneel before nobody but ALLAH (SWT). And Muhammad Ali al-Houthi, a lion in every sense of the word, is one of the central reasons why this is the case, why Yemen still lives, breathes and brawls onward as a free, independent, Mouqawamist nation. May ALLAH (SWT) brighten his face and allow Moustazafeen worldwide to learn more than a thing or two from his incomparably heroic example. #LongLiveAnsarullah #LongLiveYemen #DeathToSaud #DeathToWorldArrogance


2 thoughts on “Muhammad Ali al-Houthi: A Yemeni Lion Who No Western Leader Can Measure Up To”

  1. Can you suggest more information concerning the truth of what is taking place in Yemen? Media outlets in America, of course, show the Houthis as being terrorist that should be stopped.

    1. Brother KP, all the information you need for truth on Yemen is right here on Mouqawamah Music. Every aspect of the war is covered from front to back and top to bottom. Just go to the search bar and run “Yemen”, “Houthis”, “Ansarullah” or “Saudi war on Yemen”.

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