MossadDaesh Murders Over 200 Syrian Innocents In Sweida As Syria’s Army Storms To Victory In The South

by Jonathan Azaziah

What a horrific day for Bilad al-Sham. Condolences to the families of the 217 innocents blown up by ISIS suicide bombers in Syria’s Sweida this morning as they shopped for fresh vegetables in the public square. The putrid ‘Israeli’ outlet Haaretz referred to Sweida, an ancient bastion of the Levant’s Druze, as a “pro-Assad city”, as if that generalization somehow makes it okay for Takfiri fanatics to kill themselves and take dozens of civilian men, women, children and elderly along with them. The filthy Sulzberger-owned New York Times wrote that the terrorist attack “undermines the Syrian government’s narrative that the seven-year war is heading toward its conclusion”, as if a lone Takfiri murder-spree coordinated with ‘Israel’ in total desperation somehow negates the fact that the Syrian Arab Army and its allies have liberated all of Damascus and Daraa in the last 60 days and have only major region left – Idlib – to free. The Zionist media generally has made mention of the bloodbath in passing alone. If this had happened in a ZOG capital… Say Jew York City, Rothschild-run London or Gefilte Frog Paris… We can be as sure as we are that the sun will rise in the east tomorrow that this would be plastered from press pillar to press pillar–because according to the Zionist-dominated corporate media, only Jewish and NATO-European lives are worthy of headlines. It is dehumanization of Syrians (and Arabs generally) par excellence. It’s another part of the vicious (dis)information war on Syria and its entire society.

Getting down to brass tacks, we all know EXACTLY what this is… Because we’ve seen it time and time again throughout the course of the Zionist-NATO-GCC assault on Syria. When MossadDaesh or any other Takfiri-Wahhabi terror gang fails to hang on to its stolen territory and takes a massive beatdown on the battlefield, it lashes out at the most vulnerable people with suicide terrorism. Today’s killings were no different. Daraa has been retaken. Quneitra and the tiny pockets of land occupied by Takfiris in Sweida are next. So the mop-bearded, Muhammad-Ibn-Abdul-Wahhab-worshiping pieces of gutter-scum get a green light from their masters in “Tel Aviv” and “Herzliya” – not to mention some military-grade explosives – and have themselves a literal blast. The Takfiris can’t win so they attack those who don’t fight. Cowardice on top of cowardice. Vileness on top of vileness. In response, the Syrian Arab Army has launched a large-scale operation in the northeast section of Sweida City and killed scores of terrorists thus far.

Al-Fatiha for the martyrs. Prayers and strength for the loved ones they left behind. Death to ISIS. Death to ‘Israel’. Long live Syria. The battle to restore Bilad al-Sham to complete peace will continue and is certainly near finality–to hell with the hasbara of the New York Times. And to hell with anyone STILL not standing with the Syrian Arab Republic, its people, its government, its president and its steadfast army in the face of this scourge.

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