Mossad Murders Coptic Christians In Egypt On The Eve Of Ramadan To Foment Muslim-Christian Division

by Jonathan Azaziah

Right in time for Ramadan, Shlomo strikes again! Victims today: At least 35 Coptic Christian men, women and children slaughtered on their way to Saint Samuel the Confessor Monastery in the Upper Egypt city of Minya. Their killers? Masked gunmen who, apparently, were “SO MUSLIM”, that they left behind “Islamist” leaflets on the bodies of their Christian victims after robbing and subsequently mutilating them–ya know, DIRECT CONTRADICTIONS of Islam’s moral code and war laws. Are you aware of any religion in which such animalistic savagery is not only permissible but obligatory? Judaism. The stories of “Moses” and “Joshua” in particular are all about raping, murdering and desecrating the “enemy”, i.e. “the Goyim”, then stealing their land because of some “chosenite” “rite”. They’re basically pamphlets for genocide, hence why every settler-colonial regime in modern history, from South Africa to Australia, America to Canada and of course, the global settler-colonial enterprise, ‘Israel’, has utilized the Judaic Old Testament for expansionist aims. Notice that ISIS behaves ***exactly*** like these demons?

How war is to be conducted in Islam on the other hand has explicitly been laid out by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) and anyone who rejects these provisions is outside the fold of our Deen: Don’t kill women, babies, children, the elderly or the sick; don’t engage in betrayal; don’t chop down trees or trample upon gardens; don’t lay a hand on priests not fighting you; don’t demolish places of worship or homes; do not mutilate bodies; do not kill an animal unless it is for food; treat prisoners well and ultimately, forgive and release them; never break promises and never force anyone to revert to Islam. What does ISIS do?! ALL OF THESE THINGS! And yet when Western ZOG politicians and pundits speak about Daesh, they describe its ideology as “radical Islam” and its fighters as “Islamic extremists”. Despite the fact that there is nothing Islamic about them even in the slightest! Here’s the thing too: Contrary to what the whole of the Zionist mass media wants you to think, not to mention neocon nutjobs like Steve Bannon, ISLAM IS NOT AT WAR WITH CHRISTIANITY. In fact, as the Holy Qur’an clearly states in Surat al-Ma’idah, Christians are the closest to us in brotherhood. So why does this narrative of “Muslim-Christian tension” and “Muslim aggression against Christians” persist? Because Shlomo, the devious, false-flag-staging devil that he is, has an open strategic aim of keeping Muslims and Christians divided so we do not unite against ‘Israel’.

This isn’t to say either that Takfiri terrorists weren’t the culprits behind this terrible massacre of innocents. They very well might have been as they are active across Egypt, specifically against Copts and Shi’a Muslims as well as in the Sinai where they are actively blocking arms from reaching the Palestinian Resistance–another proof of what their TRUE function is and who they REALLY work for. Additionally, Wahhabi-Takfirism is crypto-Yahoudi praxis anyway. The point is, the PLOTTER of the Minya mass murder wanted this attack to go down at this moment on this day to associate Islam’s holiest month of Ramadan with killing, to fuel the flames of anti-Muslim hatred especially in the wake of the latest Mossad-MI6 false flag in Manchester, and to keep the lovers of Jesus Christ (A.S.)–Muslims and Christians–at each other’s throats because nothing pleases the “chosenites” more than their enemies duking it out while they remain unscathed.

Muslims ain’t do this. Shlomo did, whether overtly or covertly. Mossad’s motto is “By way of deception, thou shalt make war.” Don’t ever let that slip through the cracks. Let’s call a Jew a Jew and stop worrying about what two-faced liberals and cowardly, colonized Muslims are going to think. It’s enough already. Al-Fatiha for our martyred Coptic Christian brothers and sisters.

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  1. I have no problem believing that terrorist act of all those false lags that kills many people around the world to blame Muslims and get wars started is done by Mossad , Israeli Zionist terrorist regime

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