More Murder In Baghdad Today, But We Shan’t Kneel Or Abandon Islam

by Jonathan Azaziah

In agony right now over Iraq. Bone-crushing, mind-numbing agony. And the furiousness raging from this bleeding agony is building up like a volcano set to erupt as the pictures of the carnage and slaughter trickle out. At least 69 Iraqi civilians were savagely murdered by the Zionist entity’s Takfiri proxies in quadruple blasts throughout Baghdad today. Al-Shaab, Al-Rasheed, Sadr City and Habibia were the targets. Shi’a and Sunni, the vast majority of them women and children, were the victims. MossadDaesh tries so hard to divide us but it only makes us closer and more rooted in the sands of our lands as we are united in blood and martyrdom.

There isn’t a front in Iraq where ISIS hasn’t found itself on the back-foot as they feel the walls closing in on their Mosul stronghold, despite all the efforts from the American regime, ‘Israel’, the maniac Erdogan, the House of Saud and the Kurdish regime in Erbil to preserve and protect their expansionist enterprise. Feeling the pressure, the terrorists lash out like the wounded animals they are, harming those who are the weakest and the most vulnerable. But they are projecting! Because they themselves are in fact the weakest ones! Cowards, carbon copies of ‘Tel Aviv’ and Riyadh, who are incapable of fighting the Iraqi Popular Mobilization face-to-face like men! What is most sickening of all is that they wrap themselves in the shroud of Islam to mask these egregious crimes against humanity, using Islamic language, symbols, banners and dress as a means of not only presenting the illusion of a “Muslim extremist” enemy and thus fueling their overlords’ anti-Muslim crusade, i.e. the Zionist Global War on Terror, but also to make our people, who are the sons and daughters of Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) and Ahlul Bayt (A.S.), see their plight as a corruption of the Deen and steadily drift away from their faith. But we are far too Godwary for such a scam and can see right through their despicable facade. And we shall only hold tighter to the Rope (A.S.) of ALLAH (SWT) and the Book of ALLAH (SWT) as we continue to resist their terror, their tyranny and their iniquity.

Tears are what Empire Judaica wants from us. Tears and submission. But we shan’t relent in our struggle. Cut off our heads, attack us in our mosques, bomb us in our markets, shoot us in our cafés, kill our women, maim our children, blow apart our heroic men, take our lives, but you cannot have our spirits and you cannot have our homeland. We didn’t kneel to Yazid, we didn’t kneel to the Rothschild-financed Brits, we didn’t kneel to the Americans and we are not going to kneel to this gang of pitiful pretenders known as ISIS either. Never will we kneel! In the name of today’s martyrs and all our martyrs previously, some 4 million innocents in the last 25 years of invasions, sanctions and destabilization, that’s a promise these sorry Zionist-Takfiri scoundrels can best be sure we’re going to keep. Rest in eternal serenity to all my beloved fallen countrymen.

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